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Dan Kyle Racing - Ohlins - AVOID!

So, this story goes back about 6 months now.

I originally took up Dan on the deal Ohlins was offering of the 25mm cartridge kit and Ohlins rear shock for my 05 600RR.

I paid a large deposit, for the order to be placed, here is the email snippet:

Ohlins in Sweden has one FGK122, this is the correct kit for the CBR600RR 2005.

Ohlins USA does not have any, I do not have any.

It takes two weeks to get this from Sweden to me.

Ohlins USA has the rear shock, the HO502 in stock.

So if those time frames work for you.
I would like to get a $500 deposit if possible and I can order ASAP.

After waiting for a while, turns out Ohlins/Dan had issues supplying me the 25mm kit, apparently there was no kit in sweden so they were in the process of building the kit for me. I called the states approx 4 times and sent over 10 emails, i think i had received maybe 2 replies out of the 10

Email here:

Dan Kyle <dan@kyleusa.com>
dateFri, Dec 4, 2009 at 1:35 PM
subjectRE: Ohlins Fork Cartridges - Kris, Australia

hide details 12/4/09

They are now building a set out of parts for you.


Dan said he'd post out the shock in the mean time (my invoice shows my weight etc for shock setup) whilst they build my Cartridge kit and to quote the email re: shock

I will set it up for you, set Rider sag, ride it then talk to me or your tuner for fine adjustments.
I will install a newer valving spec (C5/R3 for your tuner)

There are no secret settings.

I waited about 2 months, after numerous phone calls and emails (1 of approx 6 emails were responded to) I was later told that I could not get the 25mm kit (after being told they were building it) because there were none available, despite already ordering it/having a invoice for it.

So, here I am, with 1 shock and no cartridge kit. I couldnt install the shock because i had no ohlins front setup so the shock was essentially useless to me.

I email sweden to get some action, to try and find parts/or something

My email to Dan when he offers for me to return the shock (at my cost) after spending MONTHS trying to get the kit

HI Dan,

Because ive spent so much time on this already its not worth it. Then it would cost me more money to return the shock and im still in the same position, suspension less. I know its not your fault, hence the email direct to Ohlins.

I fail to see why it takes them so long


I get a email from Dan:

You have spend so much time on it, I do not want you to waste any more. The cart kit is now canceled.
It will not be coming, I will not reorder it.

If you want to return the shock, please do. If not keep it.
Thanks, dan

Dans email:

HI Dan,

Sorry, I do not want to cancel the Cart Kit. I told you this. I want the kit just like I ordered. Ill contuine to chase up with Ohlins

I have a useless shock with no cart kit, I cannot afford to return the shock at my cost. Unless your happy to take it back at your cost.


Dan cancels my order despite me explicitly telling him not too

Dans email:

I have canceled it.

Let me know what you want to do.

Thanks, Dan

So, i go ahead and get springs/valves from my local retailer and get them installed, I keep the Dan Kyle shock.

NOW this is where it gets WORSE

I ride the bike for 2 x Track days... A local suspension guy comes out to the track and looks at my bike, telling me the rear shock is far far too hard, he adjusts the clickers, still no joy. Bike does not move laterally.. Suggests he pull the shock off and inspect it

Now, in the above email Dan explicitly says the shock is setup for my weight with new valving

My local suspension guy removes the shock and finds:

- Shock NEVER opened with new valving
- Shock never opened because original Ohlins oil is inside
- Rear spring is set for someone approx 15kg heavier than me
- Shim stack incorrect for my weight, this is why i could not get any adjustment

Guy rebuilds the shock for me at approx $400 cost.

So, in summary

Dan supplys a completely bog stock shock, NOT setup for my weight, Dan lies about the valving and setup for me, Dan lies about a 'cartridge kit' being BUILT, there was no kit being built, because there were no parts. Dan offers for sale a cartridge kit to someone when clearly there is no stock ANYWHERE

You should see the rear tyre wear due to a bad setup shock, its down to the metal on the very very outside of the rear tyre

What a complete *&*& around, steer clear of this guy like the plague.

I've had my local suspension guy resolve everything at my cost thanks to Dan Kyle Racing.

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that sucks man
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You're not wrong, not every email is listed above (over 40) if you need more of them happy to provide.

Dans service would be the worst ive ever had to date.
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seems like you were very professional in your emails, even tho you were clearly frustrated. kudos for that. this dan character seems to really have given you the run around. how much was the total price going to be? he said he needed a 500$ deposit, to me that is like the generic number for rip off. "500$ down payment"

i wonder if this cat will get on and have ne thing to say.

well i hope you get retribution

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I've spoken with Dan in person, and this surprises me. I'd like to see the other emails (ones from Ohlins too).
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That really sucks!!! He's very know to be good at what he does but I guess sometimes people get a BigHead and forget about customer service.
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The $500 was enough to secure the price and order the cartridge/shock from Ohlins, I paid that and got my invoice.

The total price was approx $2100

I was very polite, dont see the point in slagging people off. Dan basically told me to get bent in a round about way, but adding insult to the situation he doesnt even setup the rear as it should have been. The shock was never opened and the valving as per his email was different to what was installed.

here is the email to Ohlins:

Hello Ohlins Sweden,
Nearlly 3 months ago I placed a order with Dan Kyle Racing for the Ohlins
Cartridge kit and Ohlins shock for my CBR600 05 as part of the special
pricing that was offered for both items. I have received the rear shock from
Dan Kyle but am yet to receive the Cartridges, i ahve been waiting for over
2 months now with no end in site. I only purchased this kit because of the
good price, wanting both items but currently im stuck with a shock but no
suspension for the front.

Quite frankly, im sick to death of chasing Dan Kyle for the parts, who I
believe is chasing you for parts.

Can you please let me know what the hold up is and when I am going to get
these parts?


Sydney, Australia

It appears i dont have the email from Ohlins (the reply) however it came from bengt.ohlsson@ohlins.se, he basically told me they had no stock and that I had to sort out the issue with Dan Kyle Racing. They were polite, but basically said there was nothing they could do for me :(

can anyone tell me what I can do in terms of obtaining my money back for the spring I had to buy/shims I had to buy through my local guy that Dan Kyle had to supply to begin with? Is there a company in the US that deals with customer service complaints and attempts to resolve them for consumers?
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www.ic3.gov (probably your best choice since this is an international matter)

If you have proof that the shock you ordered was received without what was sold to you, I'd go through your CC company as well.
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Before I go down that route, ill contact Dan to give him the option of offering me a refund for shim/spring/labour costs associated with that.

My Guy said the shock had:

Shock came with C4 R5 (told it would have C5 R3)
We changed it to C3 R4 and installed correct spring
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This is an old thread, but the cause of the problem is prevalent even more so today.

Ohlins would want the OP to go through Ohlins Australia. Like most global companies, they set prices very differently in each country. Australian's are "used" to paying way too much for things.

A TTX shock in Australia will cost upward of $1700 AUD (and, it may not even be valved and sprung to the purchaser's weight).

This is the whole "we love having a global customer base to sell to, but will maintain isolated markets in each country to keep prices as high as possible" thing. A very clear example of this can be seen in the Dive industry.

A company called Apex makes high quality dive gear. They sell their gear in Australia typically about double what you can get it for in Europe. For a while a Spanish company, which has a huge online presence, made Apex gear available for Australians (and Americans, too) for half the price. Apex forced them to cease sales to Australia and America so that Apex could maintain their pricing structure in those countries.

This change occurred during a sale to me. The Apex gear was also removed from the site when selecting Australia as the location. The only way I got around it was to have the order purchased and shipped to my sister in England.

Encouraging Australians to purchase from America is the last thing Ohlins want to do. When Ohlins found out where it was going, Dan was probably told in no uncertain terms by them to not support this order (probably against his better judgement). Of course, he might not have been able to tell the OP to go to an Aussie retailer.

This practice is a common practice with many global companies.

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wow I was about to place an order with Dan before I read this post.
guess I will seak out another Ohlins Dealer.
what was the resolve if any ?
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I ordered from Dan few months ago, he sent out my shock within few hours, and I received it same eek, from US to Canada, so not everyone has bad reviews
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As old as this thread is I'd like to add that dealing with people who do internals of suspension, engine or otherwise is always risky and you must trust the person. Iv herd way too many rip off stories about people getting stuff done and later on finding out the aftermarket parts weren't even installed.

I understand wanting to save some cash by getting it done elsewhere but in a case like this I would spend the extra cash and have it done locally, that way if you do get ripped off or it's taking forever to get something done you can walk into the shop and bust some ass.

Hope it worked out for you.

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For people looking for Ohlins suspension, contact Dave at http://www.fastbikeindustries.com/ he is my current go to guy for suspension work and really knows his stuff.
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Got fantastic 1 day service on HO 608 today.

resprung and serviced in 1 day as a walk in.

Joel, Mike and Dan.....Thank You!
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lol. if you cant get one day service at a walk in, then somethings wrong!!

next time you are in the market for ohlins, let us know. not having to pay cali sales tax as well as getting better pricing is what we can offer you. ohlins usa is 30 minutes up the road from us so getting your product out the door asap would happen with us as well.

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someone used the search function!
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I ordered a TTX shock and NIX cartridges from Ohlins USA, living in the Middle East I use Aramex a lot to ship parts in from US and Uk, anyway when ordering I highlighted many times my bike is a 2015 C-ABS. They said the ABS has nothing to do with the suspension which I agree but you never know it may have differences...When they arrived it seems Ohlins messed up with their vague specs and my ABS module was hitting the shock, no issue for me as I was planning on removing the C-ABS system at some time anyway but wasn't planning on so soon.
So if you have an ABS bike and order a Ohlins shock make sure your shock has a remote reservoir or it will hit the ABS module...

Repsol 2015 CBR600RR
Woolich Tuned
C-ABS Removed
HRC QA Throttle
Racing Velocity Stacks
HRC Rear Brake Kit
Lightech R Rearsets
Akro Exhaust and Decat Pipe
Ohlins TTX Shock
Ohlins NIX cartridges
Annitori QS
Brembo 19x20 Master Cylinder
Lightech Levers
BMC Race Filter
Lots more....
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I bought some Ohlins springs from Dan Kyle and he was great. The correct products were sent and they arrived safe & sound.

I'll be ordering up some Ohlins valves shortly along with an Ohlins rear shock. I'll definately be dealing with Dan again as he knows what he's doing and I trust him.

2006 CBR 600 RR w/52,000 K

-Valve Clearances (Loose Side)
-New Starter Brushes
-New Thermostat & Flush
-New OE Front & Rear Pads & Caliper Overhaul
-OE Air Filter
-SpeedoHealer V4
-Chain & Sprockets (15/45 & 14/45)
-Front Forks & Seals
-OE Clutch & Basket
-Gear Position Indicator
-New Headlight Assembly
-New Instrument Cluster Case
-Auctmart Fairings
-Rear Shock Overhaul
-Metzeler Sportec M7 RR Tires

To Do;
Corbin Seat?
Powder Coat rims/Wheel & Steering Bearings
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