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for the track I have a one piece, gauntlet gloves, boots, etc. I don't have twisties in my area, but if I did, I'd go with a 2 piece. you'll want to take breaks and remove your jacket to cool off.

I commute a lot, and most of the year I wear a leather or perf'd leather jacket, jeans, boots, gloves. When the real heat comes, however, I sometimes opt to go without the jacket. I know it's unsafe, but riding is also an experience for me that I want to enjoy. I take it lighter when I have no jacket, and I opt to ride my 300 more to avoid bursts of power. I'm also very vigilant and for the most part; over the last 11 years I've learned to predict my area and take additional precautions to avoid accidents.

I'm not recommending my choices to anyone. I've made them with a lot of experience under my belt, and it's my personal choice so I can enjoy my riding experience.
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