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Second attempt at making my own plate bracket... plates here in Finland are HUUUGE!

Made a v.1 of it today because I ran out of time, will continue another day getting everyting more snug and the bracket smaller. Then paint everything black.

Since the plate is so big and made out of soft aluminium they tend to break if you only use the upper two bolts, as the current one has at some point done. Since I'm OCD I'll get a new one when this is done. This is why the bracket has to reach the lower ones too. Which makes it hard to be "pretty"... but I will work on aesthetics of it when I have the mock-up ready

Used a exhaust clamp, 8mm fuel tubing, 2mm metal plate.

Bent the plate to a ~100 degree angle (so it wont hit the tire under compression)

made a small hole in the middle of the bracket where I'll install a small LED plate light (mandatory)

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