: REVIEW: Knox Gilet Air

07-29-2008, 08:32 PM
-Why you decided to purchase the product - I purchased the Knox Gilet Air as I was looking for a back/chest protector that would be easy to use as well as provide me with the highest levels of protection.

-Where you bought it from...and alternate locations to purchase - I purchased this item from SportbikeTrackGear.com

-Price - I can not disclose the price I paid on this item as I got it as part of an agreement with STG to review the product in exchange for a discounted price. This offer is no longer available. The price listed is $274.95

-Did the product meet your expectations? How/Why? - This product has completely met my expectations. It is easy to put on and adjust, is comfortable, and not noticeable when on.

-Would you recommend the product to others? -I would highly recommend this item to anyone looking for a great back/chest protector that is easy to use.

-Would you buy it again? - I would definitely purchase this item again even at the full price.

Below is the review I sent to STG upon receiving the Gilet Air.

1. Fit - The Gilet Air fit me perfectly and was super comfortable. No pressure points anywhere and the armor sits where it's supposed to and doesn't move. The waist adjustment is great as it allows me to tighten up the lower section to provide me with better fitment as well as act as a bit of a lower lumbar support.

2. Build Quality - The Gilet Air is very well put together and there were no stray seams or loose threads. The materials used in the mesh portions provide enough support to properly locate the armor, allow for stretch for comfort, and look to allow tons of air to move through to maintain ventilation.

3. Adjustability - The velcro on the chest protector is great as it allows me to position the chest protector in the right place or not use it at all if I am just taking a local ride but want the back protector but not the chest protector. As stated above, the waist straps are great because they allow you to cinch up the back protector to fit you comfortably and more importantly to hug your back and keep everything in place.

4. Ease of use - I can only compare the Gilet Air to the Alpinestars Bionic Race Shield and there really is no comparison. With the Alpinestars unit, I have to strap the lower strap together and then wiggle it around to get it into the right position. Often times, I have to strap the chest protector on and then redo the lower belt. With the Knox Gilet Air, I just put it on like a jacket, zip it up, and cinch it up with the waist straps and I'm ready to go.

5. Size/weight - The Gilet air adds a bit of girth to the back and chest, but I think it is very reasonable for the added protection you're getting. The chest protector definitely seems more substantial then the one included with the Alpinestars unit. I felt more protected with the Knox unit. Overall, I think the width of the Alpinestars and Knox back protectors are comparable, but the Knox chest protector is a bit thicker. I did not mind though and did not find it an issue when trying on a few of my jackets. If anything, the Knox chest protector does a better job of covering the chest and rib area. Once you have the Gilet Air on, you don't even notice it's there so you weight is definitely not an issue.

6. Agility - I tried the Gilet Air on with 2 of my jackets, an Alpinestars S-MX Air-flo and a Dainese Kirishima jacket. There were no problems getting the jackets to zip up. The Gilet Air felt more comfortable then the Bionic race shield for the main fact that the chest protector is more fitted. With the Alpinestars chest protector, it is just a flat piece of material so when you put it on, the top portion tends to want to stay straight. When you're on the bike and have your head lowered, there is a tendency for the chest protector to hit you in the chin. I did not notice this with the Knox unit while trying it on. Freedom of movement was not limited in any way.

7. Price - For the level of protection that you get with the Knox Gilet Air, I feel that the asking price is very reasonable. For the price of the back and chest protector separately, you could just get the Gilet Air and gain the added convenience and ease of adjustment that having both in an integrated vest provides as well as save a few bucks.

08-03-2008, 02:45 AM
Nice review. The Knox products look like quality stuff and provide the best protection. The videos on the web site are so helpful - I'm pretty much sold! I like the Knox Contour w/the chest protector. So many choices.

Thanks for the review!

Training Wheel Hero
08-03-2008, 10:33 AM
I think I'm sold as well. When I scrape the cash together I'll be picking one of these up, and hopefully the Knox shorts too. I realized that my 1 piece has to hip protection, and I've smashed a hip before.

Thanks for posting the review and getting my attention to this product.

08-03-2008, 10:49 AM
You're welcome guys. Glad my review was helpful. :beer: