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04-22-2009, 11:31 AM
LighTech: Bringing World Superbike Technology to YOU! Innovation...Quality...Style...these traits can be found in every product made by LighTech. LighTech is one of the leading Italian companies in racing technology and OPP is proud to be their preferred distributor. Get the same parts used by World Superbike Champions Troy Bayliss and Troy Corser!
Innovation:LighTech has been collaborating with World Superbike Teams, 125GP and 250GP teams since 2005. Current World Superbike teams using LighTech technology include the Xerox Ducati, Alstare Suzuki, Hanspree Honda Althea, Gils Motor Sports and a host of other teams. Troy Bayliss, Max Neukirchner, Troy Corser and Max Biaggi are some of the racing superstars who are currently or have been sponsored by LighTech. Manufacturer-specific tournaments such as the European GSX-R Cup and CBR600RR Cup receive technical sponsorship. These elite teams and riders work with LighTech engineers to design and refine every LighTech product.
Quality: LighTech products are manufactured at two facilities that have a 42,000 combined square footage. The current LighTech catalog contains over 7,000 ergal products and 400 titanium products. Engineers use concepts such as computer-assisted design (CAD), computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) and just-in-time production to design and manufacture products. LighTech has earned UNI EN ISO/9001:00 certification by TUV ? this means that their manufacturing processes have been evaluated and abide by the highest standards.
Style: LighTech is Italian. Enough said? But for the unconverted, compare a set of LighTech rearsets ( to your stock rearsets and see the difference!

LighTech...Always innovating! 7,400 unique items and growing! ( Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers ( - Ergonomic and fully adjustable brake and clutch levers as used in World Superbike. Remote adjusters are available for Nissin and Brembo brake master cylinders. Matching levers are also available for Brembo and cable clutches. Compatible with stock brake systems so racers take note! ( Adjustable World Superbike Rearsets ( - LighTech Superbike rearsets are designed for maximum adjustment and durability. Premium roller bearings ensure smooth lever movement and foot peg mounting plates allow for greater ground clearance (up to approx. 2-3 cm up and 2-3 cm back from stock). Footpegs can also be fixed or fold-up to mitigate crash damage while toe pegs are rubber for maximum grip. ( Fixed Rearsets ( - LighTech fixed rearsets feature the same build quality & materials as the Superbike rearsets minus the foot peg position adjustability. Rear sets are fixed at approx. 1-1.5cm up and 1-1.5cm back from OEM position. The are a cheaper alternative to the adjustable superbike rearsets and great for racers on a budget.
( OEM Rearset Adapter Plates ( - Change your riding position without having to replace your rearsets. OEM Adapter Plates fit between your frame and rearsets to give you limited adjustability. ( Anodized Nut-Bolt-Screw Kits ( - A LighTech specialty! Replace all of the nuts, bolts and screws for your frame, fairings and engine with a LighTech anodized kit. Color coordinate your bike with black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo bolt kits. ( LighTech Quick Dzus Fasteners Kit ( - Dzus fasteners come stock on a few motorcycles such as the Yamaha R1 and Ducati 1098 and are used to hold up the stock fairings. Replace the stainless steel fairing bolts on your bike with LighTech's aluminum anodized Dzus Fairing Fasteners for a lightweight and eye-catching addition to your ride!

04-22-2009, 11:38 AM ( LighTech Rear set / Rearset Bolts and nuts kit ( - This screw kit includes the rear set screws that mount a set of motorcycle rearsets. Currently only available for select Ducati models. ( LighTech Windscreen Fasteners / Windscreen Screws Kit ( - The windscreen bolt kit replaces all the stock windscreen screws with anodized fasteners. This subtle upgrade will highlight your motorcycle windscreen and looks great when paired with a Zero Gravity or Puig colored aftermarket double bubble windscreen. ( Note: The windscreen screws are included in the LighTech Fairing Nut Bolt kit ( ( LighTech Gas Cap Screws kit ( - Gascap screw kits are popular motorcycle tank accessories. Another popular motorcycle tank accessory is the LighTech Aftermarket Gas Cap ( which are keyless billet fuel caps. Note: The gas cap bolt kit is included in the LighTech Fairing Nut Bolt kit ( as well as the LighTech Keyless Gas Caps ( ( LighTech Brake Reservoir Cover ( - Replace your brake reservoir cover with LighTech's anodized reservoir covers on your brake and clutch! Billet aluminum covers with anodized color you can't go wrong with this easy motorcycle accessory. ( LighTech Clutch Reservoir Cover ( - If you have a hydraulic clutch this anodized clutch reservoir cover is a must! Pair it with a matching LighTech Brake Reservoir Cover and you'll complete the color highlights on your bike! ( LighTech Oil Filler Cap ( - This anodized Oil Filler Cap is as easy as it comes when it comes to motorcycle accessories. Literally unscrew your existing oil cap and screw the LighTech anodized oil cap in! Less than 10 seconds! Racer Alert: LighTech's aluminum oil cap is a drilled oil cap and ready for safety wires. ( LighTech Front Axle Nut ( - The front axle nut can easily be replaced with LighTech's aluminum axle nut. This is yet motorcycle accessory that lets you add color highlights. Also consider replacing the Rear Axle / Sprocket Nut at the same time to match the front and rear! ( LighTech Rear Axle / Rear Sprocket Nut ( - Just like you did for the front axle nut, you can replace your rear axle nut with LighTech's sprocket nut! This anodized nut is often called both "rear axle nut" and "rear sprocket nut" and features grooves to hold the cotter pin. This is yet motorcycle accessory that lets you add color highlights, don't forget to replace the front axle nut at the same time! ( LighTech Steering Stem Head Nut ( - The steering stem head nut (also known as the triple tree head nut) can be replaced with an anodized aluminum steering nut for an easy color highlight. Looks great when paired with other LighTech anodized bike accessories such as front axle nut, rear axle nut, etc. ( LighTech Swingarm Pivot Shaft Nut ( - LighTechs anodized swing arm nut replaces the stainless steel nut located on the side of the bike adding color and reducing weight. Please note that the swingarm pivot nut is only installed on 1 side of the bike, the other side is a specialized screw fastener that cannot be replaced.

04-22-2009, 11:40 AM ( LighTech Titanium Rotor Bolts ( - Titanium rotor bolt provide 45% weight savings over stainless steel rotor bolts and are just as strong. Using titanium is the ultimate form of motorcycle weight reduction when it comes to brake rotor bolts. Also check out the BrakeTech Ceramic Rotors ( for ridiculously light brake rotors!
( LighTech Titanium Caliper Bolts ( - Another use for titanium nuts and bolts are LighTech's brake caliper bolts. Same 45% weight savings as the titanium rotor bolts above, titanium is also resistant to corrosion. A must have if you're installing the top-of-the-line Brembo Monobloc Brake Calipers (! ( Titanium Cush Drive Pins ( - Titanium pins for cush drives are currently available as BST titanium cush drive pins, and soon to be available as Marchesini titanium cush drive and Galespeed titanium cushdrive pins. Cush drive pins is a rotating mass and will help reduce gyroscopic effect as well! ( Carbon Fiber Mirrors ( - The most popular item made by LighTech! Carbon fiber mirrors add style and compliment any bike. Also available in carbon fiber, aluminum fiber and red/green/blue colored fibers. ( Mirror Block Off Plates ( - If you remove your mirrors for racing, LighTech's anodized mirror block off plates will fasten your fairings to the fairing stay. Available in black, red, gold and blue, these mirror block-off plates are also a great complement to bar-end mirrors.
Quick Release Keyless Gas Caps ( - LighTech spring-loaded quarter-turn keyless gas caps make refueling a snap. No more fumbling with keys. Choose from black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo.
Full Spin Keyless Gas Caps ( An alternative to LighTech's popular quick release gas cap, these keyless spin caps add a different look to your bike. Also available with a special racing key for tightening the gas cap.
World Superbike Frame Sliders ( Tried and tested in World Superbike, these frame sliders work and prevent crash damage. No-cut versions are available for select models. LighTech frame slider brackets are the strongest in the industry.
World Superbike Axle Sliders ( - A natural compliment to LighTech Frame Sliders, these axle sliders fit into your front and rear wheels for added crash protection.
Fixed Racing Clip-Ons ( - LighTech Clip-Ons are available with either +10mm or +20mm rise for greater rider comfort. Light weight, stylish and with spare parts available, these LighTech clip-ons will provide comfort at a racer's budget.
Anodized Bar Ends ( - LighTech offers handlebar ends in a smooth & knurled style available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Indigo, Gold. LighTech offers bar-ends to fit OEM handle bars as well as aftermarket clip-ons such as LighTech, Gilles Tooling, Vortex, and many others.

04-22-2009, 11:40 AM
Anodized Swingarm Spools ( - Compatible with LighTech's aluminum and iron spool stands, these spools are available in black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo.
Anodized Preload Adjuster Knobs ( Eliminate wrenches and be able to hand-adjust the preload on your forks. Anodized in black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo, these adjuster knobs are functional and attractive.
Anodized Chain Adjusters and Lifters ( - LighTech Chain Adjusters feature a unique indexed adjustment which produces a click that you can hear and feel with every turn. Each adjuster also has traditional markings for precise alignment. Optional lifters are compatible with GP-style stands.
Adjustable Fender Eliminator Kit ( - LighTech offers a unique modular fender eliminator / undertail system. You decide which parts of the oem fender to replace - any combination of license plate holder, turn signals, license plate light and rear tail light. Pictured on the left with the Euro licence plate bracket, yours will have the smaller N. American license plate bracket.
LED Lighting ( - LighTech offers a large range of LED turn signals, license plate lights and brake lights. Beautiful Italian styling and a black aluminum housing, these LED lights are a great addition to any ride.
LED Turn Signal Conversion Plates ( - When you remove your stock front turn signal stalks, these turn signal conversion plates fill up the hole left in the fairing allowing you to install the smaller and more stylish LighTech LED Turn Signals.
Racing Fuel Cannisters ( - Racers take notice! LighTech racing fuel cannisters allow fast refueling in a 5, 10 or 20 litre capacity. Compatible with LighTech Full Spin Gas Caps or available in a universal style.
Bike Stands and Workshop Tools ( - As used by teams in World Superbike! Accessorize your paddock or garage with stands, stools and racks by LighTech.

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