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Things you shouldn't miss out on
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Welcome to

New Members

New members MUST post in this section to introduce themselves to the RR family of ours. Failure to do so will prohibit posting in other forums.
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General Discussion

General Honda CBR600RR Motorcycle Talk - please place mods, tech tips and off topic threads in the correct forums.
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  • 43.9M Product Reviews

Use this section to provide a detailed review of new products.
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RR Road trips / Ride Reports

Going on a road trip? Post here to share your road trip experience.
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Helmets, Leathers, Boots & Gloves

Discuss and ask questions about your gear here
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Crash Boom Bang

Had a get off? Drop your bike? Had your girlfriend kick your bike over? Tell your story here.
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Stolen RR'S

This forum will be dedictaed to stolen RR'S God forbid if your bike gets stolen please post a thread including vin number, bike description , where , when it got stolen
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Polls and Research

Take a poll and discuss your research here
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Technical Talk

RR / Other Brands Bike Build

This forum will be dedicated to RR build threads you are also entitled to post threads for other bike brands here are .net we love them all
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03-06 RR Modifications

2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Modifications
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07-13 RR Modifications

Modifications to the '07- to 013 600RR
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DIY Write up's

This forum should be used for any step by step descriptions of a job you are tackling. Pictures are a big help to clarify the process
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Engine Tech

This forum will be dedicated for internal Engine threads , discussions, upgrades etc etc
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Oil and Lube

For discussion of engine oil and lubrication
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Tires, Suspension & Handling

Sticky to slippery tire talk
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Exhaust & Fuel Delivery

Tips on how to get the most out of your bike
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Maintenance advice and questions are here
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Having trouble with your bike? Common know issues or trobuleshooting questions here.
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Pictures & Video/Sound Clips

Post up your pictures, videos and sound clips here!
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Bike of the Month

Bike of the Month area
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Track Talk

MotoGP, AMA and WSBK

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Privateers and Professionals
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All u racers and want to be racers
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Riding tips

A good place to gain &, share knowledge , information and tips about safe enjoyable riding .
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Stunters Corner

Street Fighter

This forum will be dedicated for all you street fighter builders & owners
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Note: We do not condone stunting - But, if you must, this is the place to discuss it
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Good Guy / Bad Guy

Talk about your buying & selling experiences with other individuals. Note: Please put all vendor experiences in the correct forum- Vendor feedback
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eBay Auction Links Section

Post up your eBay auction links in this section. This Forum is for all members.
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  • 21.3M Authorized dealers

for Dealers to inform us of their inventory.
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Parts / Gear

Motorcycle related parts & gear only to be posted here.
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Motorcycles for Sale

Items for sale by forum members
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Non Motorcycle related

This section is for anything not related to motorcycles.
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UK Classified

This forum will be dedicated for classified transactions within the UK
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Items forum members are looking to buy
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

This forum allows Vendors to publicly announce Any Specials or discounts they might have going on at the moment. Please do NOT take advantage of this section. This is for genuine specials that you have going on. Please close threads when the special is over.
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Top-notch products for your bike from reliable manufacturers
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Vendor Experiences

The Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly
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Regional Meeting Point

East Coast

A place for riders from the East Coast to set up group rides
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West Coast

A place for riders from the West Coast to set up group rides
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North, Northeast & Northwest

A place for riders from the Northern states to set up group rides
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South, Southeast & Southwest

A place for riders from the Southern states to set up group rides
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Mid West

A place for riders from the Mid West to set up group rides
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Mountain States

A place for riders from the Mountain States to set up group rides
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A place for riders from Canada to set up group rides
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A place for riders from Europe to set up group rides
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A place for riders from Australia to set up group rides
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United Kingdom

A place for riders from the UK to set up group rides
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A place for riders from Asia to set up group rides
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South America

A place for riders from South America (Guam, Bolivia, etc. )to set up group rides
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Africa / South Africa

A place for riders from Africa and South Africa to set up group rides
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