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  • SuuScbr ·
    Hello Motofans,

    I hope all is well. I was wondering are you still supplying Fairings sets. I need 3 as of now and will be ordering about 9 more through the year. Please let me know. these are the years and models I need.

    07 600rr
    04 R6
    05 R6

    possibly 09 r6 and 07 r6 in the next 2 months
    vndg007 ·
    Can anyone share their experience with a fairing vendor for cbr600rr 2007. Im looking to buy the red konica version. Would be nice to know which vendor is better.
    motofansclub ·
    Hello Kickb0xzr:
    Wong Lok Tim is over at sales department and you will be able to communicate with him with the email you provided ([email protected]). Anyway, I have already forward your concern (your last message) to them so that they can follow up and pay extra attention on it for you.
    motofansclub ·
    Hello Kickb0xzr:
    First of all congratulation to your new business in advance. The person whom you dealt with is from our sales department and I am sure they will take good care of your order. Thank you for your business and looking forward to do business with you in the future.
    Kickb0xzr ·
    Hi there,
    I have emailed my paypal info it is [email protected] sent from [email protected] including a picture and description of what i am wanting.
    from my conversations with you, I am opening a shop and depending on how nice these come I will be ordering another set very very soon and more in the near future if fitment is perfect as advertised and there are no mis-placed decals or paint errors, please please take extra care in wrapping everything.both sids should look exatcly the same. i have had a nightmare experiance with the last compnay i ordered from and am looking VERY forward to your work and dedication..
    Kaniving2008 ·
    My name is Andre i ordered at fairing kit for my 04-05 honda cbr600 when i was deployed. the parts i ordered all came in fine with no damage but i recently noticed a part was of the wrong year. the original fairings that i took off the bike were of the 05 year except for the fairing that covers the front tire which appears to come from an 04. i am including pictures in this email so you can see what i am referring too. Please respond ASAP thank you.

    RRidergirl ·

    I'm really interested in getting the Konica Minolta blue fairings and I have sent an email via your site and haven't heard back yet. Your CA customer service # is also disconnected. Are you guys still in business? I'd like to order from you if you are. However, I am concerned with the turn around time as I have a track day coming up in about 20 days and have to have these new fairings on since my fairing is cracked.
    wyno817 ·
    Friend I am wanting to order the 05 cbr 600rr white repsol fairings with red white and blue stripes down the center. I am wanting it to say michelin insteaf of bridgestone and the Gas logo in black, I was in an accident and broke my fairings. look at my profile and look at my pictures of my motorcycle. I want the same fairings. email me back with pricing
    jessieb ·
    Hi Motofansclub...I had recently bought a Repsol aftermarket fairing set from you for my 2007 cbr600rr...Unfortunately, I have damaged the repsol logo windscreen recently...Is there any way I can purchase a new one from you? Please PM me, thanks.
    Harty20 ·
    I'm interested in your 03-04 playboy fairings not so much the logos including the playboy ones, but just the paint job is there anyway i could get t just that way?
    motofansclub ·
    Hello jackncoke22:
    Most likly we can do that but just awaiting confirmation from our painter from the shop. Will let you know as soon as possible.

    motofansclub ·
    Hello cbrman50:
    Currently we are having a special promotion going on that include shipping to North America until the end of this year (2011) that you might want to take advantage of it. Please click on the below link for detail:

    Also please click on the below link for all the 2006 CBR600rr that we are currently have on our ebay store.

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