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  1. FS (SoCal): Joe Rocket Honda Supersport Textile Jacket - Sz S

    Riding Gear
    Just to give an idea: I am 5'8" and 155 lb. and a Joe Rocket size M jacket is lose on me. So I bought this one and it fits very snug. However, I sold my RR and have not worn this jacket out for riding, EVER. So it can totally be considered new. $100. Please text Henr[email protected] Thank you...
  2. FS(SoCal): Joe Rocket Team Jordan Textile Jacket (M) & Shift Leather Jacket (L)

    Riding Gear
    Hello, I have sold my RR a few weeks ago, and these two jackets have been sitting in my closet for awhile. Pick up is preferred, but will ship for additional cost. These jackets have never touch the ground so the structural integrity should be good as far as safety goes. Joe Rocket Team...
  3. Subaru WRX STI lovers drool on !!

    General Discussion
    It seems that consumers in other countries, especially those in European countries and Asian countries, generally like hatchback cars more. I can relate, since families there usually do not own more than one car per, a car needs to be as practical as it can be to satisfy the consumers. In STI's...
  4. *The Final Fantasy Thread d|/^\_/^\|b

    Video Game Review & Discussions
    VI was the epitome of the FF series. VII was trend setter that redefined the genre. It was from then on that every RPG had to have some sorta hi-res cut scenes and pre-rendered background with real time characters running on top of it. VIII was crap because it was thin on story due to its...
  5. squid?

    General Discussion
    back on topic for a little bit: you wouldn't not buy insurance just because you go around "driving very carefully," would you? it isn't always about the individual control when it comes to operating a motorized vehicle... having the gears on is for that 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of something bad...
  6. Got a bike---been discriminated against?

    General Discussion
    It's probably because her ex rode the bike more than he rode her... you know how that goes...
  7. FS (SoCal): Playstation 3 80g 99% NEW

    Non Motorcycle related
  8. Got a bike---been discriminated against?

    General Discussion
    People, in general, often find the need to prove something, i.e. show their stuff off. So when these people jump on their bikes, they tend to find the need to prove they can go faster and cut through traffic easier. A lot of us complain about cagers not sharing the road, but fail to offer the...
  9. Will Not Believe What Happen Last Night....

    General Discussion
    ajaygraci: I keep looking at your signature and wonder what exactly happened that caused the rider to do pull that failed stoppie?
  10. Gixxers....just out of curiosity...

    General Discussion
    Everyone has some sort of discrimination. Some think having a Gixxer automatically makes you a lower human being. Others think of using "gay" and "homo" as negative connotations, like you. What do we do? And that's a rhetorical question.
  11. FS (SoCal): XBOX 360 Pro(20g) *Mint* + 6 Games & 13 months XBOX Live

    Non Motorcycle related
    No. This one does not have a HDMI slot. Just the default HD component cable slot.
  12. Xbox 360 vs PS3

    Video Game Review & Discussions
    FWIW, PS3 now costs under $300/unit to build. The new $299.00 hits the price point of "affordability" which was the price the original PS1 cost when it was released. If anyone is interested, I have my mint XBox 360 & games for sale in the classified section. I'm also selling my 5 months old...
  13. High Beam Driving.

    Polls and Research
    You know, some people just don't listen... "You have a broken headlight." "No. It's just the high beam. See? [flips it on]" "Yea. Your headlight is out." "....."
  14. FUNNIEST pic, hot chick on CBR

    Pictures & Video/Sound Clips
    what the hell do they eat over there for them to grow so big? the same thing farmers feed the cows?
  15. FS (SoCal): XBOX 360 Pro(20g) *Mint* + 6 Games & 13 months XBOX Live

    Non Motorcycle related
    Console SOLD XBOX Live GOLD (13 months): SOLD Games: - Halo 3 SOLD - Gears of War 2: $40 - Left 4 Dead: $30 - Rainbow Six: Vegas 2: SOLD - Too Human: $30 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance SOLD (Console & games are in mint condition with cases, cover art and instruction booklets) Henry (626)202-8313