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  1. Wierd Electrical fault... Advise needed!

    Check the power and ground feeds to those sensors, chances are you've lost the ground.
  2. No start,CBR 600 RR 2O05 , I changed ecu + transpoder key , it doesn't start

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    So the part you're calling the immoboliser is nothing more than a coil of wire. You don't need to change that. Do you have the headlights plugged in?
  3. No start,CBR 600 RR 2O05 , I changed ecu + transpoder key , it doesn't start

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    You can't run a jap ecu on a us bike, modifying your loom to suit a us ecu isn't going to get your bike running without also buying a us ecu. Modifying the eeprom to use a jap ecu minus hiss can be done, but is not a beginner or even intermediate process. There are lots of opportunities to...
  4. No start,CBR 600 RR 2O05 , I changed ecu + transpoder key , it doesn't start

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    You can use a us ecu, it does require some modification to the wiring harness at the ecu plugs. The circular part you've circled in red is just a coil, it doesn't need to be replaced. So did you install the new chip into your old key? It's critical that only the correct chip is in range of the...
  5. Another 03 cbr 600rr will not crank.

    Relay to ecu, ecu ground points. If they all seem ok remove the relay and measure the resistance to ground and switch it on. Also note that it will only switch on for about 2 sec with the bike not running
  6. No start,CBR 600 RR 2O05 , I changed ecu + transpoder key , it doesn't start

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    So, first thing is what ecu are you using? Jap, us and au/euro are all different. Did you change the key barrel as well or are you just holding the new one to the ring? If you're holding the new one to the ring, is the old key in the barrel a hiss key?
  7. What does the MAP sensor do?

    Best to avoid riding but if you need to you're not going to do any harm. When it looses map it falls back on rpm and tps and keeps the mixture rich to prevent engine damage.
  8. Another 03 cbr 600rr will not crank.

    Yes, get it all plugged in and backprobe the ecu measuring resistance to ground. Chances are you have a wiring fault, just need to work out what it is. Corroded contacts, broken wiring etc. Grounding the relay just does what the ecu is supposed to be doing.
  9. 2w1r Lollipop 5.1

    Phatstud & Slaps808 whore Zone
    Miss me? :drunk:
  10. Ethanol

    Exhaust & Fuel Delivery
    Page 45.
  11. Trouble Codes

    Post the video mate, will be easier to see what you have going on.
  12. 08 rides rough.

    How much grip do you need? I assume you're riding around on the street? That being the case you'd be well into getting arrested territory before out riding the tyres, and if you can out ride them you're one of not many. And it's perfectly fine to combo your tyres. Road tyres are made to operate...
  13. Stock front fork height? 2004

    bottom mate
  14. Loose clutch basket

    Some movement is normal, but that looks to be worth closer inspection. I'd be pulling that apart and making sure the thrust washer, basket guide etc are all in place and that the bearing is still in good condition, then reassemble correctly.
  15. Recovered stolen bike, click but no start

    You're measuring a diode that's why it's working one way but not the other, depending of course on what exactly you're measuring. Measure the battery voltage as you crank the bike, it's not a great test but it's something. Or just jump it off a car battery (not a running car - there is some...
  16. Stock front fork height? 2004

    Yes it has been. The triple clamp should be sitting just below the grove on the fork. By that I mean that the point on the bottom of the grove where it goes back out to the full diameter of the fork is the point where the top of the clamp should sit. Make sure you follow the correct procedure...
  17. 08 rides rough.

    It wasn't all of a sudden. The tyre pressure will reduce slowly over time so you don't notice the difference, then you put the pressure where it should have been (could even go a little higher depending on a lot of things) and expect it to perform once more. The feel isn't the same and as...
  18. Trouble shooting

    Ok, so what were you doing with the turn signals, which part of the harness were you doing it with and what were you trying to achieve? Depending on what you were doing and where there are a couple of likely culprits... Also what year bike?
  19. AUS 600RR Reporting In

    New Members
    Welcome to the forum mate, always good to have another local onboard!
  20. tools needed for tightening head bearings?

    Everything you need to know in here, including how to make the tool...
1-20 of 472 Results