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  1. Love sucks..............

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    I agree. Love doesn't's the lack of love that sucks. Anyone can go out fooling around with tons of girls...but when you find a good one, you gotta take a chance. Maybe it doesn't work out...and probably it does. If life were certain, it wouldn't be life.
  2. fix those ugly rashed covers

    03 / 06 RR
    I did the same thing with my old honda. I polished them instead of powdercoat/paint though.
  3. How to: Install Mesh in Fairings

    03 / 06 RR
    Maybe I'll give this a shot. I've been meaning to do it for about 3 years now.
  4. Bike running horribly, how does this spark plug look?

    It looks a little fouled. Wouldn't hurt to change them.
  5. Gauge Question

    General Discussion
    They should be interchangeable.
  6. the new site

    easy on the eye, easy to navigate. good site :)
  7. Parting a bike out?

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    I wouldn't recommend parting out a bike unless you totaled it and it isn't sellable as complete
  8. ANOTHER " my clock thread"

    Sounds like there may be a broken power wire going to the gauges. Has it ever not come on (electrically) right away when turning the key? Try turning on just the electronics, then wiggle the handlebars around. The clock should only reset when the gauges lose power.
  9. Concealed handguns/college campus

    Polls and Research
    I feel naked anywhere I can't carry. Which becomes a real problem being stationed in CA. I vote yes for concealed carry campuses.
  10. Looking for help

    03-06 RR Modifications
    powder and paint will chip off, but you can always get them anodized for fairly cheap.
  11. Help me with a tire choice :-)

    Tires, Suspension & Handling
    I think pilot powers are a great commuting/twisties tire. Mine have lasted a while and are as sticky as you will ever need for the canyons.
  12. Are you a motosexual?

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    Yep. I'm a complete motorsexual. My truck turns me on too.
  13. Not your everyday snowman :)

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    I went home to WA for christmas. We had knee deep snow everywhere, so we made an 8 foot snowteddy. So much cooler than a regular snowman
  14. Only in America

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    Instead of spending $80...why not save $400 and NOT buy your kids an Xbox?
  15. Going to see Avenged Sevenfold/Atreyu! W00t!

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    Well, Operator, Fair to Midland, and Suicidal Tendencies all sucked balls. I walked around the arena over and over with my friend. Atreyu was awesome, and Avenged Sevenfold was GREAT! My ears are numb, and my throat is so sore I can hardly talk. I feel great. Oh, and I managed to restrain...
  16. Going to see Avenged Sevenfold/Atreyu! W00t!

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    Haven't been to a concert since I joined the Corps. I'm going to see A7x and Atreyu tonight. I'm excited!
  17. Hows your local music scene?

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    i used to work the soundboard at local concerts when i lived in seattle. great music scene there. now i dont see it so much in san diego, but i don't really attempt to.
  18. Late night post whoring... hits 100 K

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    I'm still here...just browsing other threads and forums too. i had a great quesadilla tonight and i have another one for later.
  19. Palomar Group ride, Sunday Dec 9th.....

    West Coast
    I rode palomar all day with snow up the top half. Just rode the bottom half! Man up! lol
  20. how to get my friend a gf???

    Off Topic & Flame Thrower
    Introduce him to one of your girlfriend's friends. A casual introduction like that is usally easier on guys like that. He still needs to take some action on it though.
1-20 of 481 Results