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Bought her used with 6600 miles on it in 2015. Changed the fluids in her and she was running great! Clean bill of health with new tires. Looks like it had been dropped but not low sided. Just a little fall over from the Sator and Clutch covers as well as mirror scratches. Otherwise clean record. Doing small upgrades as I go for functionality over looks. First thing to get was a tail light since this bike had none and no place to put a plate. TST was the obvious answer for me when deciding those two things. Opening up the tail fairing I found a mess of wires. This person had no idea how to wire anything or care about wiring. Fixed it up with connectors I got off of an OEM wire harness and all we better. Next was the not so flush mounts that were installed. I got some Watsen flush mounts which are 1000% better and worth the price. Swapped the OEM windscreen for a Zero Gravity double bubble. Cut the wind much better than the OEM screen. Mirrors were next to change. I am going to get the Tripage 1000RR mirrors, but for the time being, I have some 300R mirrors instead. They actually look good on the bike and provide better visibility. The mirrors being higher up help with the angles of getting some blind spot. Exhaust and maybe different fairings are in the future, but for the time being. This is her.
2008 Honda 600RR (Silver)


-Zero Gravity double bubble (light smoke)
-300R Mirrors
-Shogun Spools
-Shogun bar ends
-HRC tank pad
-HRC knee pads
Wheel and Tire
-Watsen LED flush mounts
-TST Programmable integrated tail light


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