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  1. Parts / Gear
    Long story short, had my bike jacked (after a whopping 4 months of ownership) and am left with nothing but the fairings. I took them off to do a DIY paint job and started sanding them, but do not have the will to finish the process knowing she's gone. Anyways, the parts are used and some do have...
  2. 07 TO 013 RR parts
    Title says all. Shipping zip: 60646. Please and thank you. Mids are being held by a combination of zip ties, please help me sexify my bike. Love, Gzus_Nice
  3. My Baby

    My reaper tank pad....
  4. My Baby

    New tail light and license plate locations...shown at night with the lights on...this is how honda should have done it in the first place.
  5. My Baby

    Before getting the wheel stripes put on. but just after installing the new tail light assembly. A combination of 3 different fender eliminator kits to finally achieve the look i wanted in the rear.
1-5 of 5 Results