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2005 600rr

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    05cbr 600rr
  2. Troubleshooting
    I have an 05cbr600rr and when i turn the bike on, i see the initial sweep of the tachometer needle. However, once the bike starts the needle just sits, I'm assuming because it has no signal. I checked the continuity from the ecu pin 7 (yellow/green) wire to the back of the cluster and was fine...
  3. General Discussion
    When I park the bike, as I dismount and remove my weight from the front forks they will pop up. I have owned 2 other motorcycles and never experienced this. Sometimes it will be more aggressive. Like I will dismount the bike and stand next to it, about 2 seconds later the forks will pop up and...
  4. Eaten Cam Chain Guide

    Eaten Cam Chain Guide

    CCT too tight!