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    Hey everyone, Recently bought a used 2005 Honda CBR 600rr (19k Miles) after a long 5+ year hiatus of not riding. I used to own a 91 Honda CBR 600 but rode that one until the engine could no longer ride anymore (It was a great bike). I knew I had a few issues I had to work on but Maryland State...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello all and thank you in advance for you input I had a 2009 that I loved was hit and totaled in a parking lot recently I was inside shopping anyway I have my eye on two different bikes and would appreciate any input to help me make a 1 is a 2005 600rr not the f4i with 11000...
  3. Troubleshooting
    Hello guys. Im new to this forum and only been reading for a while. But lets get into it.. Last week i bought a cbr600rr from 2005 with only 7500 ish kilomters on it and completly stock. I'm a mechanic so i can tell you its not been messed with in any way. And the guy i bought it from was really...
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    cbr600rr 05
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    cbr600rr 05
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    cbr600rr 05
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    cbr600rr 05
  9. Honda Cbr600rr Repsol Replica

    my '05 cbr I bought this summer, love it! -aftermarket white/silver Repsol fairings -hid low/high beam lights -darian slip-on exhaust -+4 back, -2 in front sprockets
1-9 of 9 Results