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  1. Troubleshooting
    Hey guys so just recently put this cbr together, starts fine but it does misfire, it’s inconsistent, sometimes when you’re riding it doesn’t rev out and in high rpm’s it has a stutter, has brand new spark plugs, coils are all plugged in and seated all the way down just trying to figure out...
  2. Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, i recently got a 03 cbr 600 for 800 bucks. Has ton of after market parts really nice bike, only problem is it was all taken apart. They wanted to do a valve job on it and they took the whole bike apart. Including the wiring. The dash turns on and bike cranks over but has no spark and...
  3. Troubleshooting
    Alrighty folks. Hello.. So.. My little beast is undergoing some .. rather tough times. The main issue I have is that the entire engine was working badly. At least to my ears. It all begun when I heard the idle going a bit out of sync (for me) . To be clear somehow, instead of V V V V V V V...
  4. 03-06 RR Modifications
    Can anybody point me in the right direction for purchasing chrome engine covers case for both sides of my bike (05 Honda CBR 600RR). Google search absolutely does 0 help for me, I'm not sure if I'm just terrible at looking for parts online but damn, I cannot find anything chrome plated or even...
  5. Motorcycles for Sale
    I’m asking $5,899 or best offer Located in Barrington, Illinois Look at this bike before you buy new - this still looks almost new and runs like new. This is my personal 2008 Honda CBR600RR I bought used in July 2020. It has exactly 13,330 miles, I bought it with 12,880 miles and have only...
  6. New Members
    What’s up guys. New to the forum here. Just picked up an 03 600RR with 17k mikes on it. From the outside appearance looks pretty good. Brand new dunlops on there, under 10 miles in them so that’s nice. Appears to be very mechanically sound after the couple rides I have done to see how...
  7. General Discussion
    Hello I got two pieces I need to paint. Anyone know a color that’s super close to the graffiti matte grey? I e heard matte axis metallic is the actual color but who knows. The plasti dip grey is to light. Thanks in advance!
  8. IMG_1242.JPG

    cbr600rr 05
  9. IMG_1236.JPG

    cbr600rr 05
  10. IMG_1246 2.jpg

    cbr600rr 05
  11. IMG_1243.JPG

    cbr600rr 05
  12. General Discussion
    Will 07-19 TOCE EXHAUST fit my 2006 cbr600rr? I’m asking because I found a used 07-19 for $340 (about half the price of a new one) does anyone have an 05’-06’ TOCE for sale or trade?
  13. My 600rr

  14. 2003 Cbr 600rr

    Day 1 after resurrection. new sub, plastics, paint, graphix,pazzo shorty's,flushmounts,integrated rear led, custom exhaust, grips, fairing bolts, dbl bbl screen, and alot more.
  15. Mods In-Progress

    Tripage Peg LEDs, 22/Peg Dunstan Graffix Rimtape & Tankpad Shogun Sliders & Spools Orange CA Integrated Taillight Watsen Design 10 LED Signals
  16. Cbr600rrboss

  17. Cbr600rrboss

1-18 of 18 Results