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  1. Electrical problem

    Hi all, I went to start my 03 CBR600RR and nothing happened when I turned the key... no fuel pump, no headlight, no dash light, etc... All I have is a light on the power commander. I have the battery charged to 100% and have checked all the fuses and are all okay. Anyone have any ideas? 😭
  2. 2016 CBR 600RR fuel pump will not prime

    I see a lot of people having the same problem, all seem to be on bikes 05-07. Any difference in 2016? I can’t seem to be able to relate as far as where locations of relays etc. any advise is greatly appreciated. ✌️🤙 Micky
  3. Wiring harness cbr 600rr

    New Members
    My ex gf took scissors and cut my wiring harness. I tried to tape wires back together but she cut the plug connector and took it and some wires match same color combo but some don't it's on right side of bike just above fuel tank between tank and gas throttle. Someone please help me I just need...
  4. Trouble reaching redline...

    General Discussion
    Hi all, I recently picked up a 2006 600rr with 14k miles and the previous owner told me that he thinks he pinched the fuel line. I bought it about 80miles from where I live and rode it home with no issues other than not being able to rev it out. Once home I tore the bike down to inspect it. I...
  5. Wiring help please - Domino start/kill switch

    03-06 RR Modifications
    Hi everyone. Is someone able to help me with wiring on my domino kill/start switch, please? I'm not very good with wiring and could do with a little help identifying and matching up the correct wires. I've added photos of my switch and the wires that it has and also a wiring diagram for the...
  6. Brembo RCS19 master cylinder install issue

    03-06 RR Modifications
    Hi all. I've been trying to mount a brembo rcs19 master cylinder and ran into an issue with lever clearance on the stock bar controls and throttle wires. Basically the lever touches where the throttle wires are on the control when you pull the lever in. Has anyone has this similar issue using...
  7. 2010 cbr600rr under 300 miles fs

    Motorcycles for Sale
    2010 Honda cbr600rr leyla edition. First off I wouldn't consider this a used bike, this bike has 270 original miles on it. This is a one owner bike. It' s not perfect but it's damn close. This bike sat for 8 years so it had a new fuel pump and the tank professionally cleaned and resealed. Also...
  8. 2016 CBR600RR ??

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  9. Stuck in Neutral, won’t shift into gear

    General Discussion
    Alright guys I have a 05 cbr600rr went for a ride earlier today everything was good ran just fine. Bike sat for about 20 mins (ish) started like normal, went to shift down into 1st from neutral and nothing won’t shift into any gear. I tried rolling it forwards/backwards a few times still...
  10. My 2010 Cbr600rr

    My 2010 Cbr600rr

    Hannspree Edition
  11. D.r.c.


  12. Aaahhhhh Yyyeeeesssssss

    Aaahhhhh Yyyeeeesssssss

    There she is my 09 CBR600 RR
  13. 03


  14. 02


  15. 04


    carbon sprocket cover
  16. 05


  17. 01


  18. My Baby

    My Baby

    My reaper tank pad....
  19. My Baby

    My Baby

    Before getting the wheel stripes put on. but just after installing the new tail light assembly. A combination of 3 different fender eliminator kits to finally achieve the look i wanted in the rear.
  20. My Baby

    My Baby

    New tail light and license plate locations...shown at night with the lights on...this is how honda should have done it in the first place.