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  1. 07-12 RR Modifications
    There's a small button that came off to trigger the brake light when replacing stock levers with aftermarket levers, anyone know where i can find a replacement? 2019 CBR 600RR Womet-Tech Evos Levers | Honda CBR600RR & CBR1000RR (
  2. Engine Tech
    Any advise on getting engine parts for a rebuild is appreciated I am looking to save a lil bit than OEM and to skip the wait time. Parts I need include: Head gasket Valve stem seals Main bearing set Crankpin Bearings set Piston Ring set Rod caps bolts Head bolts mains bolts Exhaust header...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello 600RR Enthusiasts, I am a very new rider just started riding in Sep 2021. And my very first bike is of course the 2007 CBR600RR. I know I know it is not a beginners bike in any way. But that's for another tread. Anyways, I am here asking about if any of you have installed a Scotts...
  4. 07-12 RR Modifications
    Hello, I bought these red demon eyes from KTmoto online and had them professionally installed at a local powersports Honda dealership. The lights look great however they were advertised to blink with turn signal but when I activate the turn signal the optical day time running light is a solid...
  5. 03 - 06 RR
    AUCTMARTS FAIRINGS!!!🤮😩 I bought fairings from Auctmarts, I first had an email contact with the seller there who promised that from order to delivery to my door it would take about 1 month. The seller explained how their fairings were the best on the market and how others did not measure up...
  6. 07 - 12 RR parts
    Hi, I recently purchased a 2011 600RR and I’ve been looking to clean it up. I bought TST’s hyper pack off their site but I guess they’ve discontinued the undertail so I was looking for anyone with it that might be willing to part with it.
  7. Troubleshooting
    I have an 06 and had it outside for a couple days after I stripped it for work space and someone decided to jump my fence and attempt to steal my bike. They couldn't get it to run and gave up on trying to push it because I had removed part of the wiring harness. But the Ahole stole my dash and...
1-7 of 7 Results