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  1. 07-13 RR Modifications
    Hi, Anyone know the rebound range (full turns) on a Cbr 600rr 2007 mod? Alternatively the messerment from the lock nut to det top of the rod? Thanks!
  2. Africa / South Africa
    Hi everyone. Forum noob here. Amateur driver. I am looking for OEM fairing pieces as I would like to respray with proper fairings and not buy aftermarket that break as you just drive at top speed. Please if anyone has pieces in great condition, please send me a email. [email protected]
  3. 07-13 RR Modifications
    Stock 2007 cbr600rr with Yoshimura exhaust and a few other goodies To be 100% I'm a safer rider and don't hang over 100 mph too often. I wanna change to sprocket to pick up faster acceleration. I was reading about potentially doing - 1 +1 and people said it's good. What's the best setup for...
  4. 2007 CBR600RR

    2007 CBR600RR
1-4 of 4 Results