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  1. Parts / Gear
    New set of Galfer rotors and racing pads for sale. Six month warranty on rotors. These are for a 2006 cbr600rr.$420.00 without shipping
  2. Troubleshooting
    So I purchased this 04 cbr600rr recently with 30k. Previous owner wrecked it. I've gotten all the kinks worked out and restored the bike. Here recently, I've noticed this rattling/knocking/buzzing under hard acceleration in any gear. No noise when free rev. Also have EXCESSIVE engine rpm matched...
  3. Engine Tech
    Hii guys I have 05 600 rr. It was idling perfect with no sound just a week ago today I started it it has some sound from the head from both left and right side of the engine head I reinstalled cam chain tensioner on it with max tension. Checked oil level that's good. It sounds like something is...
  4. 07 - 13 RR parts
    My CBR600RR (07') was stolen from me last year, so all my extra parts need to be sold, this pandemic is really putting me in a situation. All bought from partzilla, unopened OEM parts. 15% off what I paid. My loss is your gain.(see your price on the farthest right column) Paypal with verified...
  5. 03-06 RR Modifications
    Would a '07-'08 cbr600rr exhaust fit an '05 600rr? I know this has been asked before, I couldn't seem to find a straight answer though. I don't currently have the cash to throw at a brand new slip-on (the two bros one is like $615, and everyone and their mother has yoshi's), but there are a few...
  6. Troubleshooting
    Got a CBR600RR (2008 model) that does not want to idle normally, seems very rough. the tachometer jumps up and down from 1100-1500, and eventually it dies out. The problem is not as apparant before it comes up to operating temperature. Changed the sparkplugs, coils, checked for leaks and cracks...
  7. 07-13 RR Modifications
    Hi, I've come across a picture featuring a fairing set for the 07-08 cbr, and I noticed something. It looks like (at least to me) that the bike has some kind of cover/fairing piece under the passenger footrest, covering the frame, which most often I found to be raw grey. The fairing kit...
  8. New Members
    Hi guys - just got myself a 2013 cbr600rr had a few issues - all sorted luckily (poorly fitted tailtidy, led issues, brake light issues, etc) Previously owned a cbr400rr and then a 1999 r6 - quite an upgrade this! hyperflo exhaust system R&G rearsets Renthal grips Wom-tech short levers...
  9. General Discussion
    So i've just bought a 06 600rr and when i picked it up the oil light was on. The guy i bought off of said that he thought it was a oil sensor switch. I just wan't to know forsure that thats my problem before i go and buy the parts. I've read that you can count the number of time it blinks, but...
  10. Pictures & Video/Sound Clips
    Hi all, Here you can post your YouTube videos of your bike! I look forward to watching your videos. Here are my two videos, enjoy.
  11. General Discussion
    Hi all, the abs light keeps flashing, mainly when wet, then goes off then comes back on (could stay flashing for a day or two), then off again. anyone be able to help me? Thanks
  12. My Ride!

    07 Honda CBR600RR
  13. White Cbr600rr Gold Wheels

    Custum paint Custum exaust rest stock standard besides cracked fairings from 5 falls
  14. White Cbr600rr Gold Wheels

    Custum paint Custum exaust rest stock standard besides cracked fairings from 5 falls
  15. White Cbr600rr Gold Wheels

    Custum paint Custum exaust rest stock standard besides cracked fairings from 5 falls
  16. New Motorcycle

    Picked up my new bike today..:)
  17. img_0113.jpg

    05 RR
1-20 of 39 Results