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  1. Troubleshooting
    my 2005 cbr600rr engine starts bogging in every gear if i give it gas, no matter what speed. it’ll accelerate slow then gain SOME power, then it’ll struggle at around 12k rpm’s and will only redline if i hold it there for awhile. i changed the fuel pump, chain slack, tires, checked cylinder temp...
  2. Engine Tech
    Any advise on getting engine parts for a rebuild is appreciated I am looking to save a lil bit than OEM and to skip the wait time. Parts I need include: Head gasket Valve stem seals Main bearing set Crankpin Bearings set Piston Ring set Rod caps bolts Head bolts mains bolts Exhaust header...
  3. RR Bike Build Projects
    Hi everyone Can’t start my bike 600rr 2003 engine when i open kill switch it seems like it still off How to know if the problem is in immobilizer or the control card ? thanks in advance
  4. Maintenance
    Hey all, So I don’t have much maintenance history on my newly purchased bike, it’s got around 18k on the clocks so it’s safe to assume that it needs its valves done. My question is, I can’t quite afford a valve adjustment right now due to some unforeseen circumstances, would it be safe to ride...
  5. Engine Tech
    Alright, 08 cbr, no mods other than chain and sprocket. 21,xxx miles. No lights, weird noises(cept the exhaust rattles), etc... So I was riding through one of time mountain rides near me, went the whole day passing cars and what not with no issues. On the way back home, I kicked out to pass...
  6. General Discussion
    My engine light has come on but it blinks slow twice then blinks three time fast just wondering if anybody could help me out please.
  7. Engine Tech
    I am in need of assistance.... I just did a head gasket swap on my bike ( oil was chocolate milky) and all of the hoses and plugs are in the proper spot. The bike wants to turn over but will not... any ideas?
  8. Engine Tech
    Hello this weekend I am going to break down the engine and change out the head gasket... I do not have a service manual but if anyone is willing to help me out here or knows the torque specs that would be very much appreciated!
1-8 of 8 Results