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  1. Exhaust & Fuel Delivery
    New here, hope this is the right spot to post this. I recently purchased a 09 CBR600RR and it came with an LeoVince SBK carbon fiber slip on. I THINK it’s the EVO 2, but I’m not entirely sure. While I LOVE the sound of the bike, the drone coming from this bike while cruising around 5-8k rpms is...
  2. Exhaust & Fuel Delivery
    I am looking to replace my stock exhaust on a budget and it looks like it is one piece from the header pipe onwards. Haven't had much luck looking up solutions to my problem on Reddit, Google or here. So my question is what parts do I need? I am looking on eBay or Aliexpress and I can see...
  3. 07-13 RR Modifications
    Was wondering if an 07 full yoshi exhaust would be a direct fitment for a 2012 cbr600rr. I would imagine they fit the same but the part numbers are different. Wondering if they bolt up to the same spots.
  4. New Members
    Hey guys, new to this site and motorcycles in general. Anybody selling or trading an 05-06 Toce Exhaust? I bought my bike with a Jardine and am looking to change up the Sound.
  5. 03-06 RR Modifications
    Would a '07-'08 cbr600rr exhaust fit an '05 600rr? I know this has been asked before, I couldn't seem to find a straight answer though. I don't currently have the cash to throw at a brand new slip-on (the two bros one is like $615, and everyone and their mother has yoshi's), but there are a few...
  6. Rs5 And Fender Eliminator

    Rs5 And Fender Eliminator

    Yoshi RS5 exhaust and an A1A fender eliminator kit
  7. No more cat

    No more cat

  8. No more cat

    No more cat

  9. No more cat

    No more cat

  10. Stripped of Exhaust

    Stripped of Exhaust

    Midway point