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  1. New Members
    Hey whats up people I'm new this forum stuff. In search for some bottom belly/ lower cowling fairings! I own a '06 cbr 600rr. Got in touch with monster fairings and this China manufacturer but imo I'd rather just score something locally for the right price. Hit me up...
  2. Troubleshooting
    I recently bought an '07 600rr that was wrecked and got a fairing kit for it. It included these in the picture. What are they for?
  3. WTB

    Parts / Gear
    Hey guys, I’m looking for a fairing kit that is OEM for a 2009! If anyone has a full kit that’s oem please let me know! I’m willing to purchase in any color, color doesn’t matter. I frankly do not like my after market fairings and regret selling my original stock fairings. So now I’m on a long...
  4. Parts / Gear
    Long story short, had my bike jacked (after a whopping 4 months of ownership) and am left with nothing but the fairings. I took them off to do a DIY paint job and started sanding them, but do not have the will to finish the process knowing she's gone. Anyways, the parts are used and some do have...
  5. Pictures & Video/Sound Clips
    Oem to Pearl White keeping the OEMs in mint condition for when i do sell the bike. I now need 3rd party neck insurance. Happy to answer any questions if anyone is currently doing theirs
  6. 07 TO 013 RR parts
    Title says all. Shipping zip: 60646. Please and thank you. Mids are being held by a combination of zip ties, please help me sexify my bike. Love, Gzus_Nice
  7. 07 - 13 RR parts
    Selling my OEM Fairings from my 600rr that was stolen. I took them off and had on monster fairings, so these have been stuffed in a box for over a year. Condition is 8/10. I was the third owner of the bike and it had fallen off a paddock stand before picked it up. These fairings were only...
  8. 07-13 RR Modifications
    Would fairings from an 07-08 600rr fit on an 09 600rr? I really like the look of these here but apparently they were made for the 07-08 model and I’m not positive if they’ll fit properly on an 09. Any input is appreciated, thank you in advance!
  9. Wanted
    I need the rear section, the front that holds the windshield and the side that goes into the tank! I will pay by or shipping and everything! Let me know! Only need three pieces so trying to avoid buying whole kit. Thanks!!
  10. Polls and Research
    Hey guys im getting new fairings and want some input on what you guys eould think looks good on white rims. I have the 2012 CBR with red ASV levers and gold forks so I’m looking for something that pops out like this kind of ? send some color schemes you guys thinkwould look good on the white...
  11. 03 / 06 RR
    AUCTMARTS FAIRINGS!!!🤮😩 I bought fairings from Auctmarts, I first had an email contact with the seller there who promised that from order to delivery to my door it would take about 1 month. The seller explained how their fairings were the best on the market and how others did not measure up...
  12. 07-13 RR Modifications
    Hi, I've come across a picture featuring a fairing set for the 07-08 cbr, and I noticed something. It looks like (at least to me) that the bike has some kind of cover/fairing piece under the passenger footrest, covering the frame, which most often I found to be raw grey. The fairing kit...
  13. 07 - 13 RR parts
    Looking for a mint condition set of oem fairings or right side fairings, nose and tail fairings from the 2018 year model if possible Preferred close enough to pick up in Chicagoland area or I’ll pay shipping if too far.
  14. Africa / South Africa
    Hi everyone. Forum noob here. Amateur driver. I am looking for OEM fairing pieces as I would like to respray with proper fairings and not buy aftermarket that break as you just drive at top speed. Please if anyone has pieces in great condition, please send me a email. [email protected]
  15. New Fairings

    motofans fairings
  16. New Fairings

    motofans fairings
  17. New Fairings

    motofans fairings
1-17 of 17 Results