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    Sad to see my ZX6 go :cry: but now I've got myself an 08'600RR. Personally I don't care for the graffiti fairings, especially the blueish tint these have. Still, happy to join the Honda gang! The only issue is I that I can take off my rear seat cowl without the key... Anyone else have this...
  2. 07 TO 013 RR parts
    Hey guys, new on a bike and new to this forum. I was hoping someone could help me find oem graffiti fairings or if there’s anyone selling any graffiti fairings? Thanks again
  3. My Cbr

    My Cbr

  4. My Cbr

    My Cbr

  5. My Cbr

    My Cbr

    Couple pics
  6. Nasty Six

    Nasty Six

    2008 cbr 600rr full yoshi black on black
  7. Alexis And Walter 138

    Alexis And Walter 138

  8. Alexis And Walter 134

    Alexis And Walter 134

  9. Graf Top

    Graf Top

  10. Graf


  11. My Graffiti

    My Graffiti

  12. My 08 Graffiti

    My 08 Graffiti

    2008 CBR600RR Graffiti Akrapovic Full Race system,Power Commander PC3,Proton Flush Mount Turn Signals,Tripage intergrated tail light and Fender Eliminator,R&G Bar Sliders,R&G Fork Sliders,R&G Frame Sliders,R&G Cotton Reels,Scorpio Sr-i900 Alarm