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  1. 03 to 06 RR parts
    I’m lookin for a straight used front rim for my 04 cbr600rr if anyone has one laying around I’ll pay shipping. Just can’t afford these $300 eBay rims man 🤦‍♂️
  2. New Members
    Hello, i just bought a new bike and while i had it on a rear stand i notices the rear tire moves forward and backwards a few inches without the chain moving. After 2 inches then the chain engages and moves with the tire. Does anyone know what's going on?
  3. Maintenance
    I’ve been having issues with my coolant, no overheating just the reservoir bottle filling up and not getting drawn back into the bike. Anyways here are the pictures, oil had 2.5k miles so I’m not sure if it’s just old or blown head gasket note: I also did a test with a combustion leak detector...
  4. Troubleshooting
    Hi, recently every now and then I've had the fi light flashing and the bike will crank but not start. I'd cycle the ignition a couple times and it wouldn't blink anymore and the bike would start and run fine. It's slowly happening more often. There is no pattern to the blinking, it's just on...
  5. Troubleshooting
    Hello, first post on this forum. I recently bought a 2006 CBR600RR and it's been a big project. The previous owner did insane random stuff to the wiring and I need some help (I replaced the front wiring harness btw). It looks as if the turn signal is linked to the right (left is fine) headlight...
  6. Crash Boom Bang
    Hey guys new to this forum and would like to ask a few questions... new to riding and not much knowledge about bikes I purchased a 2008 CBR RR and road it for about 2 weeks and a guy hit me making a illegal turn. I'm okay just a little shoulder pain. Can't ride and not expect eventually sometime...
  7. Troubleshooting
    So I have a 2003 cbr600rr. It had a misfire when I bought it. I dropped the radiator And swopped out the plugs. Put it all back together and it wasn’t starting right up like it did b4 (before it wss a few trys) took the battery out and charged it over night. Put it back in. I noticed theres a...
  8. Troubleshooting
    My neutral light goes off and on and the rpm drops slightly. I can find neutral but the light doesnt come on. Also with revs the light becomes brighter and more clear. When i hold the clutch in the revs stabilize but when i let off in neutral they go down about 100. Also the bike can be in...
  9. General Discussion
    Hello 600RR Enthusiasts, I am a very new rider just started riding in Sep 2021. And my very first bike is of course the 2007 CBR600RR. I know I know it is not a beginners bike in any way. But that's for another tread. Anyways, I am here asking about if any of you have installed a Scotts...
  10. Troubleshooting
    There are some open wires on my bike l. Blue/yellow and black/white. They are right next to the horns wiring i just cant seem to find what they go to.
  11. General Discussion
    Hi, I lost the trim on my cbr 600 2012 repsol and i dont know what it is and can't find it on ebay... i attached photo. Please help. It should be black trimp
  12. Troubleshooting
    SOOO. First off i hate that my riding journey ever took me here. I made sure my bike was hidden away and locked so of course there was no way that it could be stolen right? WRONG. A year ago a thief stole my cbr from my back porch. I had already written the bike off after 8 or 9 months and had...
  13. Troubleshooting
    Long story short: My odometer is blank, with no light on my headlight, and no fuel pump noise. (skip to the second paragraph for the troubleshooting I've tried already) Hey guys and gals, I started to take my bike apart for the winter, and I've changed various things on my motorcycle...
  14. General Discussion
    Hi all, I started learning how to ride a Ninja 300 several months ago and just today upgraded to a cbr600rr. I have ridden a cbr1000rr and zx6r several times before and felt comfortable staying within my limitations. Today, I drove the cbr home, took it to meet my buddy at a restaurant, and...
  15. New Members
    New so i bought a 2003 cbr600rr and when they showed up the fairings were all gone nothing just bike and tank can you shot me in a good direction of some cheap but worth it fairing i can paint myself
  16. Troubleshooting
    Hey I’m looking gain some information about installing a new switch side stand on the CBR 600rr 2012 model. I dropped my bike on the left side couple weeks ago and it wouldn’t start after so I had a feeling the kick stand sensor got messed up a bit since there is clear damage to it (see...
  17. Engine Tech
    I am in need of assistance.... I just did a head gasket swap on my bike ( oil was chocolate milky) and all of the hoses and plugs are in the proper spot. The bike wants to turn over but will not... any ideas?
  18. Frankenquad 600rr

    took a Suzuki quad stripped and stretched and gave it the heartbeat of a cbr 600RR
1-18 of 18 Results