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  1. Troubleshooting
    Long story short: My odometer is blank, with no light on my headlight, and no fuel pump noise. (skip to the second paragraph for the troubleshooting I've tried already) Hey guys and gals, I started to take my bike apart for the winter, and I've changed various things on my motorcycle...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi all, I started learning how to ride a Ninja 300 several months ago and just today upgraded to a cbr600rr. I have ridden a cbr1000rr and zx6r several times before and felt comfortable staying within my limitations. Today, I drove the cbr home, took it to meet my buddy at a restaurant, and...
  3. New Members
    New so i bought a 2003 cbr600rr and when they showed up the fairings were all gone nothing just bike and tank can you shot me in a good direction of some cheap but worth it fairing i can paint myself
  4. Troubleshooting
    Hey I’m looking gain some information about installing a new switch side stand on the CBR 600rr 2012 model. I dropped my bike on the left side couple weeks ago and it wouldn’t start after so I had a feeling the kick stand sensor got messed up a bit since there is clear damage to it (see...
  5. Engine Tech
    I am in need of assistance.... I just did a head gasket swap on my bike ( oil was chocolate milky) and all of the hoses and plugs are in the proper spot. The bike wants to turn over but will not... any ideas?
  6. Frankenquad 600rr

    Frankenquad 600rr

    took a Suzuki quad stripped and stretched and gave it the heartbeat of a cbr 600RR