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  1. Quad Hydroplane

    Quad Hydroplane

    Skimming across a huge water hole, 5th gear tapped. Badlands Offroad Park
  2. Quad Mx Berm

    Quad Mx Berm

    Attica, IN. Badlands Offroad Park
  3. Quad Mx Tabletop

    Quad Mx Tabletop

    Attica, Indiana. Badlands Offroad Park
  4. Quad Downhill Sand Jump

    Quad Downhill Sand Jump

    Badlands Offroad Park
  5. Quad Mx Double

    Quad Mx Double

    About a 50 foot double at the Badlands Offroad park
  6. Quad Mx Tabletop

    Quad Mx Tabletop

    From the MX track at the Badlands Offroad Park, Attica, IN