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  1. New Members
    Hey Everyone! I just signed up after browsing through some sale posts and track day discussion threads, thought I'd might join since I am working on the bike after a recent track day crash. 2009 model. Glad to be here and hopefully participate later on!
  2. New Members
    Hello everyone! New member here, long time fan of motorcycles in general but recently acquired my first 2011 CBR 600rr. Looking forward to connecting with you all!
  3. New Members
    Glad I could find a community, ~Ashes Bike Tax
  4. New Members
    Currently riding my second CBR600RR ‘17 after I hit a deer on my last one () I’m down south in Dorset if anyone’s about for a ride sometime. Regards Shane
  5. New Members
    Sup, haha. Been posting on a couple threads already, was not aware of this intro rule. Anyways, picked up an 09 600RR, splash edition, but with aftermarket fairings and some signs of being dropped ( :cry: ). Aiming to paint fairings within the next couple weeks and will follow up with some...
  6. New Members
    Hello, I'm new here to posting, alway reading the forums for helpful tricks and tips on my CBR soo love this site really hope I get some help with my own thanks everyone you rock
  7. New Members
    Hi All, Just signed up for this forum as i now proudly own a Honda CBR 600 RR from 2008. Let me intoduce myself. My name is Benjamin and i got my driver licence (for motorcycles) in September 2019 at 24 years old (so now 26 :)) . I started out on a Kawasaki Z750 from 2008. I re-painted the...
  8. New Members
    New Member Checking in From NYC Just getting back into riding and fairly new to social media lol.
  9. New Members
    Since 2008 I was completely fascinated by the CBR 600rr (2007 - 2012 ) model, I still am everyday. It is my dream bike. I am a previous owner of the CBR250R which I have modded quite heavily. For example one of my proudest mods being upgrading to TPR Racing 305cc and Undertail customs mods but...
  10. 03-06 RR Modifications
    I’m short as hell, i just bought a 03 and does anyone know a good sit the is smaller and could lower the ride height or have any recommendations?
  11. New Members
    So, I started out with a little interest in riding and decided to take the Abate rider safety course in my area back in July. I believe it was during the course that I developed into an early squid in its lava stage. Just waiting and excited to burst out of my shell into the world of...
  12. New Members
    Hello all, new member here. Looking forward to some chatter around the 600 community. -Ben
  13. General Discussion
    Hi all, I started learning how to ride a Ninja 300 several months ago and just today upgraded to a cbr600rr. I have ridden a cbr1000rr and zx6r several times before and felt comfortable staying within my limitations. Today, I drove the cbr home, took it to meet my buddy at a restaurant, and...
  14. New Members
    New so i bought a 2003 cbr600rr and when they showed up the fairings were all gone nothing just bike and tank can you shot me in a good direction of some cheap but worth it fairing i can paint myself
  15. New Members
    Hey all! I’m new here but I’ve been riding my ‘08 for almost 5 years now. I’m looking to do some mods and such in the coming weeks so I thought this was a great resource to tap into.
1-15 of 15 Results