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  1. Engine Tech
    Any advise on getting engine parts for a rebuild is appreciated I am looking to save a lil bit than OEM and to skip the wait time. Parts I need include: Head gasket Valve stem seals Main bearing set Crankpin Bearings set Piston Ring set Rod caps bolts Head bolts mains bolts Exhaust header...
  2. Tires, Suspension & Handling
    I have an 08 cbr 600rr 30xxx miles, with leaks on the stanchions. Going to take it in to my mechanic but i need part numbers (preferably oem spec) for what i should replace. Im trying to do seals and bushings for sure but im not sure if im missing anything else. Please reply with part numbers.
  3. 07-13 RR Modifications
    Upper Heat Shield Can anyone somewhat explain what and/or where this fairing fitment is supposed togo on a 07’-12’ Bike??? I was thinking engine or dash somehow but i truly don’t know. Appreciate the reply an anyone’s best guess.... Thanks
  4. 07 - 13 RR parts
    Hey all, new Honda 600rr owner!! I’m looking for fairings for my 09 cbr! Bike was downed on the left side so I’m looking to replace that but will take full kits too if anyone had any. Let me know what you have
  5. General Discussion
    Hey guys I just a bought a 07-12 Honda CBR600RR from an auction that needs to be rebuilt. This will be my first bike as well and I’m excited to join the community. I’m looking for parts to buy and if anyone had any laying around that I need I would be definitely interested. Right now I’m...
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1-10 of 10 Results