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Hi! Haven't been here in a while and my bike has also been sitting idle (two months!)... been messing around in the dirt with my cr500. I actually was thinking of parting my bike bc i kinda lost interest... I didn't even register it... but most likely i will keep it to track later. Now for the sale part...

*Micron Serpent system, stainless headers/midpipe, ti can.
-2 years old
-no dents
-in great condition
-SS has turned golden, blue in some parts (i will get better pictures)
-can mounts straight, not crooked
-kinda sticks out a little much
-fits only 03/04
-hydroformed headers/midpipe
-any ?'s

Price: $650 shipped to 48 lower states.

...i'll get better pictures of the headers tomorrow.

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