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I recently tore the rear end of my 2003 Honda CBR600RR down and put back together (no issues). Today I removed the front tire and front brake cylinders just to clean somethings up. After reassembling the front end bake and put everything back together the front end wouldn't rotate. After trouble shooting I found out that the right side was not centered correctly and was rubbing the hub on the suspension (right side). The only thing I can think of is that I opened the brake caplipers unevenly when assembling the bike. And now the roater is rubbing the right shock. I lossened the bolt on the front end and moved it some away, but now am paranoid and looking at the pads and they look to be unevenly distributed. Am I correct in this thinking and have to take the tire back off and make sure that the pads are even before placing the tire back on???

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put it all back together and squeeze the brakes that will make the pads pretty even,

make sure you mounted the rotors back on the wheel correctly,

then put the wheel in, make sure your calipers are off at this point, put the calipers on,

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Yes, you DO need to torque up in a very specific order to keep the axle from binding which can happen, I've seen it before..... If you don't know how to do something properly-- don't pretend like you do and steer others in the wrong direction. That way you do everyone a favor. Here is the official Honda factory technician's procedure:

-Apply a thin layer of grease to the front of the axle rod & install axle from LEFT side of bike (your right side as you face the front of the bike)
-Torque axle bolt to the specified torque
-Tighten the right axle pinch bolts to specified torque.
-Install both brake calipers and tighten mounting bolts
-Check front brake operation by spinning wheel and applying brake pressure
-Lower the front of the bike, with the front brake applied, pump the fork up and down several times to seat the axle.
-Tighten the left axle holder bolts to the specified torque.

All done!
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