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Hello everyone,
NOTE: this ad is also in
I have an unfortunate family financial problems that I need to help out with, so I have other priorities to take care of. So I am selling my bike plus other parts to help out with the situation. This really sucks but family comes first in my book.

Its a CBR600RR that is in excellent shape and had around 3500 miles before I have converted it over to a track bike and I have only been to 5 tracks days now. Its only been in two crashes, but were light. Both of them were at BHF, 1st one was a 20mph low side of october last year because the ground was cold and obviously my tires and the 2nd one happened on the grass when I have ran off track, but no damage was done to the bike but some cosmetic blemishes. I am parting out the bike and If someone wants to buy it as the whole package, pm me and we can talk. I also live in the Lockport area, so If you want to stop by to take a peek, let me know.

Below are the details and prices. If you want to see pictures of the bike go on, on blackhawk 4/16-17 and 5/14-15. My bike number is 829. I have Shannon (YTRAP) and Ron Hix (ronhix) from CLSB that I ride at the track days and could put some info on the condition of the bike.

'03 CBR600RR - $5000 obo
- sprint steering damper (on bike since feb '05 - $275) comes with mounting kit - EBAY
- AK-20 cartridge kit (on bike since feb '05 - $850) even comes with the installation fork kit. The springs are .90. I am 6'1 150lbs without the gear.
- Penske 8981 rear shock (on bike since feb '05 - $550) - EBAY
- Micron slipon (staying on bike)
- vortex clipons (on bike since feb '05 - staying on bike)
- vortex sprockets @ 15/45 520 conversion(on bike since feb '05 - Staying on bike)
- Speed bleeders (staying on bike)
- Galfener SS brake lines (staying on the bike)
- EBC type-HH brake pads (3 track days at Blackhawk farms - staying on bike)
- Metzeler Rain tires (never used - $200)
- Chicken Hawk Tire warmers (used for 3 track days - $300) SOLD
- Extra set of wheels, they do not come with discs or sprockets, but they do come with spacers and the rear has the rubber pads with the sprocket carrier There has no been damage to it and are in great condition. ($400) - EBAY

- Manual tire changer ($50)

I am also selling my '99 Yamaha Blaster. It's in running condition, but the only work that needs to be done to it is a new carberator and the tires needs to be rebeaded to the wheel. I am selling that for $1000.

'99 Blaster - $1000
- Turf Tamer tires with Douglas wheels
- Pipe with FMF silencer
- wheel spacers
- DG nerf bars

- you'll still get the stock plastic and tires. Also with is a 5 gallon 2 stroke oil from Maxima and all engine tools.

If there is anymore that I can add to the list, i'll add it. I am not going to part out the bike, I am parting out the aftermarket stuff and putting some of the stock parts back on. PM me if you are interested. Please searious buyers only.

Tell me I'm cool PLEASE!
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PM sent. Bump for cause.

You're welcome.

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any pics of the tire changer? have you used it? difficult is it to use? will it scratch the hell out of my wheels? let me know. if its good im very very interested
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