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so a week ago i decided i would remap my pc3. long story short 12V positive lead on my battery touched the 9V negative lead on the pc3. pc3 is fried so i took it out thinking maybe i can ride without it? hooked everything back up to stock connections and after much cranking it finally started. when throttle is applied the bike instantly dies.

pulled codes tonight and got code 7,8,9,11,18
code 7-ect sensor
code 8-tp sensor
code 9-iat sensor
code 11- vs sensor
code 18- cam pulse sensor (previous accident has been fixed and was running for several weeks beofre this)

so the bike starts and runs but smells rich. the fan is constantly running as soon as the bike is turned on. i let the bike run for several mins until it idled smoothly and got no temp reading. bike will die as soon as the throttle is moved even the slightest bit. so before i just throw parts at it any suggestions as to confirm bad parts? all help is much appreciated
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