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I'm going to use this thread (selfishly for my own reflection) to document my build progress with my new bike. now buckle in for some backstory. buying a 600 in Australia at the moment (July/August 2022) is practically impossible. bikes get snatched up so fast unless they have a gremlin in the vin history or a stolen record, then there's the scammers (I came across a few of them when attempting to get this bike). anyway after some negotiation, I got this bike for a respectable 4-ish K with 38k on the clock. bike was located interstate so I had to get it shipped to me. anyway some photos from the day I got it.
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anyway, enough porn... bike has a full Yoshimura RS5 system, aftermarket levers and some cheap Chinese fairings. there's also some scrapes on both the stator and clutch covers and the passenger foot pegs are missing so I'm dubbing this build "black snow" cause I'm planning to black everything out. go for some gloss black fairings (and replace the crap mesh rear vents with some OEM goodness). throw a power commander on and get a decent tune as at the moment the bike is not running to well and the rear brakes need some love. I also want to replace the levers and attend to the tail section as that butchered OEM tail isn't great. I've already started to source parts and have selected to get the dash done by Tripage with a gear counter put into the dash and an led swap. its gonna be a busy couple of months but I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty and learning more about this wonderful machine but first i need to get it registered and that also means tires, I'm a Pirelli guy so some diablo Corsas III are on my radar :D. so with my plans, this is where I'm looking to start:

stage 1 (rego and repairs):
dash removed and sent of for upgrade (white LEDS, gear counter, blackout?.)
rear removed and tail tidy removed for repairs.
rear brake pads replaced, rotors measured and replaced.
replace front led indicators and replace resistors.
attach rear passenger pegs and rear paddock stand spindles
crash protections (frame sliders, fork protectors)
upgrade headlights to LED (I do this to all by bikes)
talk to workshop doing the roadworthy cert about getting a tune with a power commander 6
await the return of my dash

then hopefully be on the road for summer adventures haha

Stage 2 ( blackening)
replace stator and clutch covers with R&G components
replace rear sets
address for seals
remove swingarm for powder coating

stage 2 will be pretty delayed but will happen eventually. im on the fence with the white fairings as it does look very clean but a black bike will so tough so i have food thought and welcome any input on this or anything listed here as nothing is set in stone.

anyway stay tuned :D
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