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Hey people, I don't really want to do this but I need something else to drive this winter (had a truck last year, traded for a Mustang this year) so I need to get rid of the bike.

It's in perfect condition, 2250 miles, completely stock minus a homemade fender eliminator and a Pro-Grip tank protector that was installed the day I got it. It's never been wrecked, dropped, stunted, wheelied, endo'd, and I'm the only person to have ever ridden it when not in the dealers possession. It's never even sat outside overnight. Oil was changed about 600 miles ago (just before the riding season) and is ready to go. I've babied this thing since day 1 but really never felt comfortable on it (I'm short). I plan on getting a new bike next season and just need to get rid of this one so it doesn't set all winter long.

I originally was asking $6500 locally but haven't had many bites due to the weather. I would really like $6250 but would take $6000 to keep it in the .net family. The helmet in the photo is not included but I have a cheaper gloss black one that could go with it.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I would rather not have to ship it as I have no idea what's involved. It's located in Enid Oklahoma.

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