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04 bike line up!!!

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Ok guys and girls!!!

for 2004 we have 5 600cc machines that are very close in performance to eachother. Every year motorcyle magazines do a review of the each class and pick them apart. I say that we do that our selves and "WITH-OUT" bashing everybike that isnt a Honda, find out what we like about Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Trimuph. and even some things that we dont like and what sets all these bikes apart.

"now remember no bashing, just some good old fashined opinions"
"on likes and dislikes"
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Triumph? Their downside is lack of aftermarket support. My friends have all ridden this thing and love it. A local shop has turned on into a race bike for CCS. With nothing more than a slip on it is producing 102.1 SAE with minimal dips in the power band. I am refraining from slinging my leg over anything. I do not want to be tempted for purchase.
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