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I got a tool kit from my 05 complete,..Also added an additional craftsman 10mm wrench and the trusty 5mm hex key...

The tool kit should fit multiple bikes, i'm sure it will also be good for the 03-04 , but not sure if anything after that.

I'll take $25 shipped to lower 48

I didn't feel like taking pics but if you need any just let me know...It's a factory tool kit, not really much more to show or explain..


I am also gonna be listing a few other parts ...

I will have pictures and prices up today or tomorrow for the following

1. Akropovich Ti exhaust with the carbon fiber hanger
2. Exhaust heat shield (side)
3. Headlight assembly
4. front & rear seats
5. black painted windshield
6. Left & right air duct covers
7. complete set of race fairings (unpainted)
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