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05 600rr $6000 NY/NJ

Im putting my bike back up for sale again.

2005 600rr 3700miles, 6000!!!! dollers

Im on the border of New york/NJ and slightly off from PA, willing to travel for sale.
bike is well maintained and cleaned.
dropped once in my driveway at a standstill, has a several small nicks in the clutch cover/barend/mirror plasitc/front turnsignal. all very minor.

yoshi RS5 carbon/carbon s/o
R&R fender eliminator
OEM seat cowl
licence plate bolt lights LED
extended honda warrenty
title in hand
tires still have plenty of life

I just don't go out and ride like I used to and its just taking up space and wasting money on insurance.

My name is ray and a good way to contact me is via pm or email [email protected] feel free to check out my trader rating, im not out to rip anybody off, just to make a clean deal.

here is some pics.


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yes its still for sale

the blinkers are in the tail lamp, clear altrnatives smoked integrated signals

yeah, i probably should have dropped the price earlier, but hey im sure there are still people who want it.
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