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i searched all over the place and need a lil insight, hopefully im not going crazy lol. begining of the day i go out warm the bike up, at warm up the bike idles high like it should and runs fine. the problem is when i stop and start the bike again, it idles around 1050-1100 runs rich and lopes for a min or 2 then idles around 1200 with no problems. it has no low end stumble, no breaking up. i have a nice golden brown coating in the exhaust so its not running to rich or lean. i bought the bike with 3900 miles, it sat for 2 years in a buddys basement ( climent controlled ) but it did have all the same fluids in it, gas etc. he said he had put fuel stabilizer in it. another problem that happens everyonce in a while, when i turn the key on before starting the rpms go up and back like they should but the speedo starts at 160 and goes straight to 0 no count down.

if someone could help me out that would be awsome

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