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I am a GIRL, so please forgive all my stupid questions. It seems many boys can't be bothered to explain things to me, so I get frustrated trying to learn. The result is the damsel in distress posture that I hate. Please help me out.

I have an '05 CBR600RR that I bought from my friend a couple years ago. He kept it in mint condition, detailing it twice a month at least, great mechanic, etc. Then I get it and have to experience one bad mechanic after another. (The problem with lack of knowledge is you get taken.) I found what I think is a reputable shop, although, when I asked to have the chain lubed, a week later someone commented on the slack in my chain. When I went back to them, asking if they adjusted it, I got some story about have a bad link and had to have it replaced (could they have told me that the first time?). Again, because of my lack of knowledge, I'm not sure what truth is.
I could tell you all the nightmare stories about the mechanics, but I want to get to the problem.

I rode the bike all over town on Wednesday. It sat for one day, with the exception of rolling it into my garage (started it, rode it in cold about 20 ft). On Friday, I was leathered up, ready to go. Lights, cranks over, but wouldn't start. It will do that without a decrease in power.
I had a problem with a tiny part in the starter switch (piece of plastic under the starter button with a piece of metal attached to it; it had cracked and the bike would intermittently be completely dead. I had it replaced many months ago.)

It's not on a trickle charger (I stupidly left the cord attached to the battery of the last bike I sold, so I have the charger but not the attachment.). I do ride it almost everyday.

What do you think it might be?

I don't remember my last oil change, but I'm having a hard time reading the oil in the little window. If it is low, can I just add some? If so, what should I add? Would it hurt the bike if it is a different kind of oil from what is in there? I can't call the mechanic for a couple days, so I am trying to do some troubleshooting before I haul it in.

IF the oil was low, would there be an oil indication light that comes on?

I put it in gear, put the kickstand up and down, turned the engine off button on and off and still get the same reaction from the bike.

Thank you for your help and not laughing at my stupid questions and not using the proper terminology.

Here's what was done to the bike before I got it -- not sure if anything has to do with this problem, or if you need to know this info in order to help me.
Throttle body risers
Jardine pipes
Racing Cams
Ignition Advancer
K&N Air filter

I read a lot of the other "bike won't start" threads and their issues were not the same. This bike has NOT been wrecked, laid down, dropped or stored. I didn't replace the fairings.
It has over 48K miles on it, for my friend used to commute 2-3 hrs quite frequently.

Thank you for your advice, patience and general assistance.

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I think you may have flooded it... open the throttle all the way and try starting the bike, it could take a while but you should hear it starting to fire fairly quickly.

If the oil goes low there is a light on the gauges that will come on - just be aware that it is triggered by low oil pressure (this happens when there isn't enough oil for the pump to suck up) so by the time it comes on the oil is really low.

Good luck.
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