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Listing this for a buddy of mine... He is helping a buddy of his to sell His '05 R1 with 21k miles. The bike over all from what I saw of it in person is a 6 out of 10... The bike was dropped on the right side in some gravel in a parking lot. The frame sliders took 98% of the damage. There are no broken or Rashed plastics. He blemishes shown in he pics are what i saw, but then i wasnt looking to hard at it. Integrated tail light, lush mount fronts, GYTR slip on. he's asking $6500obo...anything $6000 or below the bike will come with OEM exhaust...

ImageUploadedByMO Free1368840462.875046.jpg
ImageUploadedByMO Free1368840470.161101.jpg
ImageUploadedByMO Free1368840480.087020.jpg
ImageUploadedByMO Free1368840488.687095.jpg
ImageUploadedByMO Free1368840499.114171.jpg

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