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Hey everyone I'm in a real jam..
My tail light and gauge cluster stopped working a few months back.
It happened literally after I washed my bike.
Every time I put a fuse in it blows...
It literally will not even light the tail light up before it pops..
Right now I have the front cowl off and gauge cluster is disconnected and I'm still blowing the fuse.
How do I pinpoint the possible short ??
I have work in the morning and have to leave at 5 am..(dark)
And don't wanna be pulled over or hit...
I would have thought that 6 months later there wouldn't be any water anymore and it wouldn't keep popping..
But that's not the case..
I know I'm asking last second but if anyone has time to lend a guy some advice tonight id much appreciate it..

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remove fairings check ALL connectors make sure theyre clean, add some dielectric grease. double check grounds and make sure they're clean and tight. has this had any electrical work/mods done to it or is it 100% stock?
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