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During my last session of the day at my last trackday right as I was getting on the gas for the back straight the bike just shut off. Gauges were still working, but it acted like I just hit the kill switch. I coasted off the track, hit the starter and got nothing. Switched the key off and back on and it fired up again. I finished out the lap and loaded up to go home, so not much info to give on how it ran after other than it seemed ok.

The day was a hot one, around 105* and the bike was running on the warm side but not outside the normal range. The bike had been sitting a while and I had to put a new battery in it before getting to the track, and had to add a bunch of water to it that morning as well, but up until shutting off it was running just like normal all day.

Any ideas? Pretty sure I have go-pro footage. I'll have to see if I can dig it up.

EDIT: Here's the video

And the other video I made of the fun parts of the day.
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