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07 600 rr Sighting....

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Don't kick my ass cuz I don't have any pics. My buddy works for Honda and told me they have one in the lobby at the Honda Hq in Torrance, Ca. I will have him try to snap a few pics if he can. Hopefully the bike looks better in person. He's a real fan of it.
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BX6Double said:
let me the 1st in a long list of people who are gonna flame u
but this thread is useless without pics
if its the blue and silver one, its gonna be the same pic from the vegas event
but ifs a white and silver one, post up as many as u can
or ill post up pics as soon as i get a call that the crates are in.
LOL. i know..i know. I just called my buddy. he will send me a pic asap. not sure what color it is. He said its bike week over there so they have all the new **** on display. hang tight. If new pic by this afternoon, i'll delete this dumb thread.
eRRoc said:
do you think your friend can hook it up and get any type of connection with engineering jobs there?
I tried man. Trust me. My buddy actually works on the development side for acura. I think Honda has like 50 copies of my resume :(
Tiny said:
I can drive to torrance today and see it at their lobby?
yes sir. like i mentioned it bike week there. they should have a grip of stuff. my buddy is suppose to pick me up some t-shirts and hats. that fooo better come through for me :)
James06CBR said:
I live across the street from Honda Headquarters! I am looking out my window at the front door of hq as I type. You mean I can go over there and look at in the lobby? I can snap the pics for everyone here.
Dood, my buddy just sent them. its a fuckin red one. no biggy so i won't even bother posting. :(
they didn't come out that great but u get the idea


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damnnit said:
Nice pictures, you followed thru but I'm gonna also need a white one soon.
Just an FYI, looks like they are having a blowout on gear and stuff at the Honda HQ today. geeez. they need to hire me. I'll do anything. LOL
06red600 said:
damn, and i work all day today. why couldnt they make it any other day? hey, is it just for today?
yes. i think it goes from 10am until 2. i hear a lot of the employees are in vegas to there should be a decent selection here.
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