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07 600 rr Sighting....

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Don't kick my ass cuz I don't have any pics. My buddy works for Honda and told me they have one in the lobby at the Honda Hq in Torrance, Ca. I will have him try to snap a few pics if he can. Hopefully the bike looks better in person. He's a real fan of it.
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they didn't come out that great but u get the idea


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That thing keeps lookin better abs better
Awesome! thanks for the pics kekoa! i knew you'd come through!
Nice pictures, you followed thru but I'm gonna also need a white one soon.
ya can't wait to see the white one
I think it will be a hot seller, not many bikes have a nice white like that.
Damn they need to intergrate their blinkers, I am tired of those big fat one. Have they even change in the last century?
damnnit said:
Nice pictures, you followed thru but I'm gonna also need a white one soon.
I would totally buy one if I didn't just get my 05
I live pretty close to Honda in Torrance.. do they let anyone in there or only employees? It looks like you can just walk up and get in?
It looks like tony the tiger red style. It could be the paint scheme overall but it looks kinda goofy. Maybe my opinion will chang with time.
I cannot WAIT for the white one...
I wasn't a HUGE fan of it origionally, but after seeing that beautiful face other than on release photos im in love...
can't wait to sell my car back home and have an 03 and an 07 WOO!
hells ya! im going to rock out that 03' and 07' combo too!!!! the 03' is my first, soooo its on its 7th lowside but is still in raceing order. it will make a fine track bike. the 07' will be for paradeing and showing off, im not rich enough to race one.
I'm still not happy with the looks on paper and online...I GUESS I NEED TO SEE IT IN PERSON
Okay, I'm going over there tomorrow. I didn't think anyone would be interested due to it being the red. Anyway, if you have certain angles or parts you want a close up of let me know. I'm not the best photographer, but I'll try. And...I guess we are aloud to take pictures of it? I'm sure someone will yell at me if it is an issue of concern.
so can non-employees enter that area?
I think it looks's growing on me but I still think it looks to much like the R6
good job with the pics. if you get anymore.
defineatly growing on me...... might need a new race bike, can someone wad one up for me ...thanks
I really like it.
Thanks for the pics.
I am actually torn between the Blue and Red color schemes. =)

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