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07 600 rr Sighting....

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Don't kick my ass cuz I don't have any pics. My buddy works for Honda and told me they have one in the lobby at the Honda Hq in Torrance, Ca. I will have him try to snap a few pics if he can. Hopefully the bike looks better in person. He's a real fan of it.
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Rayzorman1 said:
I never said looks aren't important. I said they aren't the be all and end all. I personally consider performance first, me, not everyone, looks are gravy but to buy a supersport motorcycle based on looks alone, again in my opinion, is ludacris.

To discredit a bike based on looks alone is ignorant. At least say, from my research or better yet, from my experience the bike is this this and that, but I like this bike better because it has a look I like prefer is pallatable.
No, to discredit in part based on looks is not ignorant. I agree that looks are only a small fraction of what a bike really is. I just want good looks and great performance, not too much to ask for. They did great in both areas with the 03-06...most of us would agree on that.
jonnyringo893 said:
lol so what if a fat chick is really good in bed?? would you consider performance first then too?!?!!? or would that be luacris?? ahhahah just giving you a hard time!!
damn it bro, you got me there.... :)
To be honest, it was the looks of the new RR that turned me on to the looks of the r6 which i refused to look at because of some stupid brand biased phase I was going through. Now, anything and everything is open to consideration... I really want a brand new bike because I know to get my current 05 up to track-spec snuff I will spend more anyway. But again, the 07 may become the street/track-toy and the 05 a dedicated racer.
i think you should rethink such a statement, because when you say that you make it sound like even gixxers are fair game. Thats just insane man. its between the brits(Triumph) Paino boys(Yami) and Big Red(Honda) and maybe Daffy Duck(Ducati)
Thats is, there is nothing else to consider.
James06CBR said:
I like the looks of the new R6. I was going to buy the R6, but I like the quality of Honda bikes. I have owned Yamaha bikes before. I'm not a fan of throttle by wire yet. Come on, don't say sorry unless you mean it. Fairing styles are changed in part to change the is not 100% performance minded. Are the race bikes going to have this new fairing setup? Honestly, I want to know. It doesn't matter what we think at this point. I just hope it is a real hit. I want it to beat out all the competitors.
You see, now I dragged out some meaty comments out of you James. You're right, I apologized and shouldnt have taken it back. Next time I'm in Torrance, we'll have a beer.
I went there today, and they had a black one on display. Now that I've seen it in person, I still don't like it. Looks pretty ugly...
The main problem with some of these comments is that you are wrong - the bike looks great - I can't wait until I get mine :)
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