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I’m really hoping someone can help me.
I changed my Cbr600rr 07 spark plugs after it had be put away for the winter, to get it ready for its first track day of the year.
After I had put it back together, it would turn over but wouldn’t start. After taking it apart and rebuilding it again, it still wouldn’t fire.
I gave up and called it a night.
The following morning I went back out to have another go at it, on the off chance I wanted to make sure it didn’t run. So I pressed the starter and it fired and ran sweet. Until it died and wouldn’t start. It turns over but doesn’t even try to fire. It was about 80c on the temp gauge. Spent all day playing with it again, no joy!
Following morning it fired up again and ran sweet till it got to 80 and then cut out again!
I’ve changed the ECU over with my 08 Cbr600rr to check that wasn’t it and it didn’t start with that either. I’ve checked all my relays and fuses. I’m at a loss!
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