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this can not be made short so here it is ...

I had an "accident" where I got cut off, believe me or not I went down but the bike never did ... it kept going straight and hit a plywood-made construction "wall" and that is how it stopped =)

Having some friends at the dealership I told them to write down ALL the damages to the bike ( even the slightest scratches I wanted to get the money for it, and I did but ... the insurance considered the bike totaled :/

I've never tried to go for that special inspection, because I've heard that the only way to pass it is to have ALL the receipts for those previously claimed damaged parts-which I didn't replace, because I tried to fix only the necessary ones !!!

So what I want to do now is either sell that frame OR if there is anyone here who has a CLEAN title 07-08 or 09 frame and is using the bike ONLY on the track and wants to trade it for mine which is PERFECTLY FINE ( straight, no scratches etc ) + me paying you some extra I would be very happy to do so !!! I need the bike to be street legal and I do refuse to go trough all the headache of that inspection.

THIS IS NOT A SCAM guys, I know it may look, sound like one but no, I'm for real, email me at [email protected] if you got a race bike with clean titled frame OR if you simply need a frame that you do not intend to put on the street.

it's hard to put a tag on it, but how about $ 999 ?

Please let me know if anyone wants it ! / wants to trade


ps I'm in NYC but I could get the frame to anywhere on the east coast for cheaper than the freight companies charge ( I've got an uncle who drives trucks )
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