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Hope I am posting this in the correct spot.

So I bought my bike a little over a month ago. No issues of any kind.

But I have been poking at trying to get information on this JuiceBox fuel controller that the bike came with.

I've called twobros and they couldn't give me much on it. Basically referred me to their pdf page on their site, and all it really is, is a brochure on the product. Doesn't get into how to use it.

I've searched youtube to see if someone had a run down of what does what.. Nothing.

It seems like a decent device. And from what I've gather it's not that "programmable" as in can't hook it up to a home computer. But it is loaded with an amount of pre-made maps defined by colors.

All I can really find is "press this button to get to map RED, this button to get to map yellow/blue". Well map RED and yellow/blue doesn't mean anything to anyone that didn't design this thing.

So I am reaching out to the community to see if someone has run or is currently running one of these and if you have some advise as to what does what.

I have just randomly gone through the presets to see if I noticed any change and none from what I can tell. I am currently running map 1 (RED) I think.

Thanks in advance.

Here is a link to the product...

one of the few places I could actually still find it.
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