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08 cbr trouble starting

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Got an 08 CBR and it has been running great up until today. Was leaving work and she started right up, went to the gym and when i got out, it started and ran for about 10 seconds then died, then wouldn't start again. I tried cranking it for a while and nothing. Waited about twenty minutes and tried again, and it started but only with giving it a lot of throttle. Drove it home and it was running pretty shitty, with the fault light solid the whole way. If i let off the throttle then eased back on it it seemed to miss a lot. Got home and shut it off, and it started right back up. came back about an hour later and wouldn't start. 30 minutes after that, it finally started with giving it a lot of throttle. That was the last time i started it and it gave 2 short blinks of the fault light which i believe is the map sensor or the vacuum hose. I dont know to much about the map sensor but everywhere i have read, people only have troubles with it at idle and say nothing about trouble starting. Im at a loss right now and don't really know what to think, so any ideas or help anyone has would be appreciated, thanks in advance
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I too have a map sensor light ,but I dont have trouble starting nor running..
But I do see it being the problem because Map sensor controls the A/F mixture and since your having to hit the throttle to actually start it the mixture is messed up.. Just my .02
Yea I was thinking that might be the case too. I just thought it was weird I haven't read about another person having problems starting with a bad map sensor. Thanks for the input though man
Anyone else agree or have any other ideas?
The map sensor shouldn't affect how the bike starts, it can have an effect on the idle, and it will have an effect on how it performs throughout the rev range... but it should still be quite rideable.

Have a look at the sensor and see how you go. May as well fix the things you know are wrong, then have a look for thing that you don't know about yet.
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