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08 CBR600rr Street/Track Bike - 2 Sets of Fairings - Lots of Extras - $6400 (Atlanta)

Here are the details:

Clean and clear title
VIN: JH2PC40018M106725
78xx miles
Orange and Black

Gilles rear sets
Gilles lifters
Gilles chain adjusters
Power Commander III
ASV long clutch and brake levers
BMC Race filter
Tech Spec snake skin pads
Galfer SS front lines
Driven 520 chain
-1/+2 Driven sprockets
Woodcraft cut sliders
Original rearsets
Original levers
Original brake lines
extra rear brake hose
HRC 1/6 turn throttle tube (never installed)
Extra axle bolt cotter pins
Magnetic Oil drain plug
Speed bleeders (not installed)

SOLD -- Redbull 13 pc fairing set

SharkSkinz Full fiberglass fairing set

Front and Rear pitbull stands w/ 2 front pins

The bad:
broken tab on side cowl on left side
broken tab on left side of nose
scraped covers on both sides (I bought it this way)
Scraped left side mirror back (from drop in parking lot..stupid kickstand...)
Broken tab on right side of upper fairing stay where headlight meets fairing stay -- hooked through existing holes -- works great)

My pitch:

This is a 2008 street and track bike. It has a clean title, and a ridiculously strong motor. With the current gearing, it fires out of corners hard. Paired with the Power Races that are on it, it is a great track weapon, but is still tame enough to ride on the street. It has lots of Gilles kit, a power commander, race filter, ASV levers, Tech Spec pads and more.

I had a low side on it while at Jennings (low speeds, nothing to write home about...) while in the SharkSkinz. They have been fully repaired and sprayed flat black. That is how the fairing stay got the tab broken.

This bike is comsmetically an 8/10. If you wanted to, you could get a new fairing stay for $250, a new mirror, and re-spray the covers, and it would be a 9.5/10. I just don't have the time for it right now.

I had it paired with an Akra full race exhaust, but I sold that already. A slipon would be sufficient, or go for a full system to get that extra top end pop. For the money you'll save vs. another bike, you can afford to do a lot.

It comes with the stands, and 3 sets of fairings (the OEM, the redbull, and the Sharkskins).

I am willing to answer your questions, just PM me.

The bike is located in Sandy Springs GA, and it is available to show every day. Asking $6900. I would prefer to sell it all as a set. If I can't, I set up separate part-out threads.

Here are the pictures:

PM me if interested!

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How I Valued This Bike

For any prospective buyers out there, I put together a spreadsheet of how I valued this bike.

The idea was as follows:
Start with an excellent condition bike
Discount for OEM parts that could be replaced to make it excellent
Add the used prices for aftermarket parts
Add the used price for spare parts
Discount the intrinsic value by 10% to give the buyer some benefits.

Here are the details, if you are interested:

Bike - Private Sale Excellent Condition 6800
New Fairing Stay -250
New mirror -60
Upper Cowl -275
Left Cowl -250
Right Cover -170
Generator Cover -64
Labor -500
Adjusted Bike Price 5231

Extras (prices to obtain used)
SharkSkinz 500
Redbull Fairings 275
Gilles Rearsets 250
Gilles Chain Adjusters 200
Gilles Lifters 150
Tech Specs 25
Power Commander 200
BMC Filter 25
Galfer Lines 50
ASV Levers 125
Pitbull Stands 200
HRC Throttle Tube 25
Driven 520 Kit 150
Extras Total 2175

Original Equipment Included
Levers 25
Rearsets 200
OEM Extras Total 225

Bike Value 7631

My Sales Price 6900

Discount 731
% Discount 10%

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Would you sell the red bull fairings separate?

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PM Sent on separating some parts.

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PM replied on the redbull. One person is already interested AZ, I'll PM you if they don't want.

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Redbull Fairings Sale Pending.

Price reduced: 6400 for everything but the Redbull set. It goes on Craigslist tomorrow... Dotnetters get the first crack, but this thing needs to go!

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New week: New price.

$5500 dollars for everything but the Redbull fairings (which have been sold). Someone is going to get a really sweet deal on this.
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