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1-800-motorcycle, or mc specialist attorney?

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Hey guys, just wondering what people's thoughts or experiences are about their services or similar attorney services?

my situation:
I got into an accident when a stopped vehicle in the middle of the street (didn't pull over to the curb), and their passenger on the right side opened the door. There was enough room for me to pass on the right side, so I did. Well he opened the door on me while I was moving and I ended up against the parked car to the right. I have some injuries but nothing broken or surgery required. The reporting officer said I was the primary cause for passing on the right, and secondary cause was to the one opening the door. Since this is in a grey area of the law, there isn't room for two cars to pass, but there is room for two VEHICLES to pass. So with that interpretation, I shouldn't be the primary cause, but that's how the police report came up.

So what are my options? Since I'm injured, I can still sue for that right? Is it still possible to overturn the police report and this accident doesn't go against me but against the other party?

I just remembered 1-800-motorcycles from the commercials. Anyone have any exprience with them? or any recomendations? I'm in the L.A. area.

Thanks in advance guys!
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Thats were at fault but want to get a lawyer????
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